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Visions of the Future

HE called me five days after my last post.  We were supposed to go out.  Then Daddy died unexpectedly.  Right before Christmas.  Daddy didn’t tell us because he didn’t want to ruin Christmas – he didn’t know he would die prior to it.  386 more words


I have a dream, of false holidays and ant bites

So, I’m on holiday in berlin this week (there will be future posts about that) but during a nap here I had a dream that I wanted to share, before I lost it. 249 more words

My Life

"Let the star rise..." - Land of the Exiles

Stalking the silent corridors, rousing them from dream, the tall figure of Anubis called them. One by one they came to the portal in the dawning light, following him into the morning. 359 more words


Dreams are fucking stupid

Last night, I had one of those super vivid dreams that only happen every once in awhile, the ones where random things you can’t explain may happen, but every odd tidbit sticks with you long after you wake. 540 more words


Enjoy the moments

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning. The weather’s finally started to warm up after a very long winter and my home has just been begging to get cleaned. 683 more words


Dream Work

I have been in therapy about a year now and have been struggling to understand one of my dreams. The first dream I had after starting therapy was very telling of what my relationship with my therapist would become. 1,177 more words


Have you wished upon a star?

I actually wanted to go to bed pretty early tonight, because I decided I just had to wake up early for my morning walk tomorrow. But here I am back up again writing this post, I just couldn’t go back to sleep without writing it. 1,142 more words