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Mobile Minutes: Chasing Dreams

I kept the form.

It was only for one mile, but everything was dialed in, stance, pace, power, mind, and soul. No pain throughout my body, only mental hurdles while running the night away… 298 more words


Machinery in the Compound

Sunday night’s dreams involve walking around with two or three people. It reminds me of being in Vegas, again. Tall buildings with glitz and odd architecture. 400 more words


Implementing change

I was going to set up a new blog, but will use this one, as then its about me as a person, and that reflects my self as an artist in my life and change. 234 more words


Is it weird that I get a sexual charge just thinking about throwing myself back into writing?


Let me tell you a story

It’s about you and me.

I saw you across the room. It was just a glance we shared. I stared a moment too long and you glanced down at your lap. 311 more words

Daily Life