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Uncomfortable is unavoidable. It’s that murky and sometimes intimidating place that is hard to see past. It taunts us to give up on our goals. It seeks us in our relationships, at our jobs, in our finances, or anywhere it can find a place to rest. 90 more words

Growth And Progress

The story behind My passion, love and devotion for EDM

I have been away from my blog to reflect on my life . It’s been crazy adjusting to life here in SoCal but I simply love being here .I have told you readers about my story before but never really went into details of why I got into EDM and raving in the first place . 888 more words

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Everyone has potential to yield unlimited creativity. It stems from all life experiences. My creativity is born from discovering beauty in all things. It always flows easily with a peaceful mind. 29 more words


Not my sister's keeper

When will I no longer be questioned for my sisters’ actions, mistakes or decisions? When will people see that I am my own person? I come with my own mind, thoughts and actions. 95 more words


The things that make us human...

Some people would argue that humanity’s defining characteristic is our intelligence. Hmm. Given our predilection for constantly endangering the future of our species through war, pollution and excessive exploitation of this our very precious, very small, green planet, I am not so sure about all that intelligence. 1,106 more words


Servant Leadership Tip #1 - The Discipline to Follow

Discipline comes from disciple. Disciple means one who follows and its Latin origin means to learn. Discipline is an attribute of most leaders. So how do you lead by following? 284 more words

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If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?

There are so many beautiful things happening right now.

Within all the beauty that radiates in this very moment, amongst all the happenings of the now, and woven within the fabric of this moment, you will find an abundance of opportunity. 313 more words

Dreams And Goals