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It’s amazing how the moment a person decides to act they have the power to accomplish anything. I just wanted to tell you, YOU CAN!

Growth And Progress


I have always loved the magic, mystery, and excitement of a good fairy tale. I can’t help but imagine the far-fetched stories becoming reality. Bad turning into happily ever after is the best part! 81 more words



September 1st

The original thought for September’s theme was Success. However the more I thought about it, it seemed what most need to do is to… 305 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Dreams and Goals

On a particularly boring afternoon in the office, when I had just returned from a heavy Pizza lunch in the soporific warm afternoon of late summer in Berlin, I was sitting slumped in my big soft comfortable chair and feeling uncontrollably drowsy. 201 more words

Dreams And Goals


I love how God uses us, despite our faults, to do great things (Exodus 4:8-12). He can even use those who do not believe in him to glorify his name (Daniel 4:28-37). 58 more words




August 22nd

Like a gigantic stop sign, when you are traveling down the wrong path God will and God does place a huge sign that reads…STOP! 347 more words

Daily IN-spiration


Uncomfortable is unavoidable. It’s that murky and sometimes intimidating place that is hard to see past. It taunts us to give up on our goals. It seeks us in our relationships, at our jobs, in our finances, or anywhere it can find a place to rest. 90 more words

Growth And Progress