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Day 53 - November 22nd - Bigger picture

Today I achieved a somewhat strange feeling of contentment. It struck me that I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in recent weeks frustrated with this or that element of the course (isolation, Trevor being overbearing, social tensions). 356 more words

Wye The Flute?

March for the Fallen: Part 2

We’re back at the start of the March for the Fallen, an event honoring fallen Veterans, where I chose to participate in a 16 mile hike. 1,791 more words

Dreams And Goals

March for the Fallen: Part 1

All of the hiking I’ve done over the last few months was training for one big event: the March for the Fallen. It was a big, scary goal of mine and I was never completely sure I could even complete it until I was several miles into it. 1,197 more words

Dreams And Goals

Reality Check: Get Help When You Need It

I just realized something completely obvious. Play along, will you? It’s a three-step thought process.

One: there are things I do well. Duh.

Two: There are things I don’t do well. 750 more words



November 15th

Where did we lose our way? Is the Supreme gift of ‘free will’ the culprit? Can we recapture this excellence that God has bestowed us with? 279 more words

Daily IN-spiration


I end the I AM series with this: Be whoever you desire to be. DEFINE WHO YOU ARE! Your destiny is in your hands. I hope you have enjoyed this series! <3


Thursday Reflection Series: Bigger Better Baked Goods

We live in a world where achieving dreams or fulfilling maximum potential is a driving force in each of our lives.  Dreams are meant to be chased and fulfilled. 884 more words