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April 23rd

Just the same as Faith without action is not Faith at all; to have a vision and not take action is not your vision at all. 393 more words

Daily IN-spiration

We're just getting started

A lovely young woman came to my office yesterday to tutor me in the use of a software I had installed on my computer 8 months ago.  452 more words

Dreams And Goals


April 19th

I envision a world of pure, true acceptance of each living being into a family of absolute unity: A family that does not judge; a family whose lifeline is unconditional love, whose actions are based in truth. 248 more words

Daily IN-spiration

The Power of a Bucket List

On gray, rainy days I tend to become lost in thought, and easily carried away by the ideas and stories of others.

Today is such a day. 646 more words

Life After 50

Dream Catching: Experience the Process

I’m working on a research “assignment” right now for the online course I’m taking and it’s really stumping me. This isn’t like biology where I’m working with a concept that’s difficult to understand; it makes absolute sense to me in theory but doing the actual work is tripping me up. 451 more words

Dreams And Goals

20's Bucket List

I’ve read a lot of inspirational books and How-To books to achieve your goals in life and they all recommend you to have the most specific goals ever so you know exactly what you want and expect/work for it to happen when when you want it to. 871 more words


The Most Obvious Sign Ever That I'm on the Right Track

Something absolutely nuts happened yesterday. Forgive me if I can’t articulate it very well but I’m still speechless over it.

First a little backstory.

I’ve been posting about Dream Catching for a few months now so most of you know that I’m working really hard to move forward in life. 769 more words

Growing Up