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Feral Children

In the woods I revert to a primitive form of myself. A feral child. An explorer. A fearless hunter. Instincts pulsing, pushing me over the next hill, around the next outcropping. 52 more words



Every seed takes a different amount of time in the ground in the darkness to grow and ripen.

The same way, when we are waiting for our fruit, know that the amount of time its taking depends on the fruit.  157 more words


Why asking for what you want works

About thirty parents were standing around the softball fields with rakes and shovels yesterday morning, poised to groom the fields after a winter of abuse, to help our girls have a place to play ball this spring. 524 more words

Being Yourself

... to walk!

I’m really lucky. I met some amazing people at my previous job who are helping me with outdoor kit and gave me the opportunity to help young people with their DofE skills. 592 more words



While driving, a friend told me that he had to pull over to the side of road to scream at his thoughts to shut up. It reminds me of these lyrics: “You don’t own me. 1,403 more words

Fear And Anxiety

Six Impossible Things

There is a quote from Alice in Wonderland that I want to explore during a night when sleep is refusing to pay me a visit: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Since breakfast is still several hours away for me, I have time to think about this and perhaps come up with my own six impossible things. 484 more words

Dreams Do Come True

This week as I prepare for my first out of town blogging gig, I’m humbled to have even been considered for the job. Out of all the bloggers in Atlanta, I was chosen to be the official blogger for the… 267 more words