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I dreamed of another star’s death. But this time he is a movies’ star. I thought “Well, this could be linked with his movies”.  Then tons of things were happening in a building made of rough concrete: a young man was showing around a big plant that was born inside of him; two men were arguing about something while breaking a safe; I tried to sing my nephew to sleep, but I miserably failed; I cut my hair in a short bob, and I felt more free to move around; on the bottom of a pond there was a extremely quiet dog carring an extremely dangerous “toy” full of spikes, and I let him free.

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I had a dream! I call it shadows of death!

I had a dream where everyone was turning into shadows and killing everyone. The people that were still alive where in this building trying to stay alive. 31 more words

Pink cheeks no more

She has been hurt so many times,

She feels pain no more.

Fell on smooth roads enough,

She chose bumpy rides to home,

That bridles on wheel no more. 64 more words



I’ve had several very vivid dreams the past few nights, but they fade too quickly, and on the one dream that I did retain details of, I didn’t write down, because I didn’t want to get on my iphone at 5 in the morning.   15 more words

Night train ride

I can feel the train skating on the rails as it weaves through the dimly lit suburban landscape. The beauty is barely visible and the mystery keeps it refreshing in a way; light travels on and off the surfaces of the world and gives us ephemeral glimpses into things, like our dreams. 33 more words


Crunchy critters and creepy crawlies. Ft. "food" critique...

This afternoon my work duty was sweeping in front of our house… in reality… this really just means herding ants and dust.
The dust is normal (there is always dust everywhere)… it’s the ant’s that permit a challenge… 996 more words


Did you ever fall through the bitterness that secretly tastes so sweet? Did you cry a pain with laughter in your heart?

Twisted collections of a world upside down and inside out. 56 more words