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As Americans we expect to be the best in every field. Our expectations have been built on both historic experience and much self-delusion. We have achieved much because of  a long history of  focusing on our challenges and working together to solve them. 307 more words

Sweet Dreams

Okay my titles are just utter crap at this point. I do apologize for them.

Last night, I had a dream. It was kinda weird, so I decided to tell you. 732 more words

Dream Journal

So I did something sort of cool today, and I’m sure it’s obvious with the title of this post. I started a Dream Journal. Yes, I already have the Positivity Journal going, and you might be wondering why I would want/need to start a Dream Journal too. 829 more words


Make Life Count!

When I was younger I heard my mother often say “you got to put the medal to the pedal in order to get some where in Life” Early on I realize only I can live out the reality of my success. 46 more words

This One Will Make You Stop And Think. The Curious Case Of Crazy Willie!

I see him all the time in my hometown, I call him crazy Willie. I have given him money as I have driven by, but I have never stopped and talked to him, until today when I did. 399 more words

Dublin, my dearest darling

And so we are together once more, my lover and I. Coming back, falling into her arms, letting her devour me all over again. It feels real. 142 more words


The Adventurer of Adventurers; A Lesson to Follow Your Dreams

Let me start by saying WOWWWWW!!!

Have you ever heard of a man named Lee Abbamonte?

Well, I’ve just caught wind of this guy and Wow! 251 more words