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Sorry, I Just Don't Have It In Me To Lie Down Anymore!

Sorry, I Just Don’t Have It In Me To Lie Down Anymore!
Fourteen years old killing himself and others over what rumors are saying is a girl potentially! 553 more words


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi

I was having a chat last night with someone who has helped me A LOT recently and was discussing how life is very different and how I am now doing what I love every single day of my life which is to inspire people. 198 more words

Prophecy (Artistic Dreams)

Prophecy (Artistic Dreams)


Whilst March blows its first warning, she sits tight

observing her Winter Nomads returning for Spring,

pastel shades blossom in a place of bare-naked foils… 82 more words


A burning sky.

The eternal flow of magnetic need,
that draws down to water the seed.
Burning flames of an immortal star
Lighting the way, raising the bar. 48 more words

Creative Writing

On Encouragement

I told a few of my old high school friends about my new career, and how I’m approaching it. All but two were very positive and supportive, excited by my new opportunity. 635 more words


Have an Expectation

Expect great things to happen. Act on your expectation, work on it, and you will have a great outcome. Above all, make the Kingdom of God your ultimate reality, and you will have an extra-ordinary life. In short have FAITH.


In the night’s stillness,

As I lay,

I’m in search, and I find

Then I lose,

Orbiting this kaleidoscopic journey

They told me,

Go find mercy. 120 more words