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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


What do you want?

Imagine life when you are free to choose and to do what you want.
Forget about money.
Forget about your bills.
Forget about all those baggage you have. 383 more words


Often we hear people saying, “I had a dream when i was young, but lost it somewhere!” We have dreams, but no guts. I say, “if you dare to dream, strive to protect it!”

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We can't ALL get what we want

This was so funny it made me exhale quickly through my nose, almost sounding like a laugh


Always on Your Feet

To move a step closer to your dreams, you’ve got to… well, move.

Once you have that vivid image of what you’ve always wanted to do, to achieve, to have– you’ve got to be always be on your feet. 182 more words


Obsidian winter

My winter darkness dreaming has changed

profoundly, this my seventy~sixth year,

I am dreaming of roaming the arboreal forest,

        On mule back, leading a string of laden pack mules, 280 more words

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Pay The Price

Yesterday I read something on Facebook written by a friend and in what was said they spoke about ‘paying the price’. Those 3 words stuck with me and inspired me to write this. 1,087 more words

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