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Flying from South to North

To reach my end destination

From hills I will set forth

Not needing any persuasion!


Still exist a few good men… 38 more words


A lot of permanents, temporaries, and positions.

I just found out that I have the possibility of staying at my job permanently, I am thrilled beyond words. It’s a little hard to explain, but there is a therapy assistant in a permanent position leaving on one of the other units. 1,153 more words


Why Right Now Really Matters

I was driving home from work yesterday evening after having a particularly frustrating day. I was feeling sorry for myself until a story came on the AM station that changed my whole mindset. 617 more words


Formative times.

You look different, you told me today.

It’s the braces, I replied. Or the glasses.

But you insisted it wasn’t. I don’t think I look different, of course, but I also see myself in the mirror everyday. 480 more words


Lion's Roar

I pay currency to the woman with the lion’s roar
for she told me that she could teach me to do the same.
She says that all little girls have lions in their stomachs… 150 more words


Welcome to the inner workings of my mind...

I am going to a wedding next weekend and it has me thinking about what’s in store for my future. I’ve always been the type to not want to get married. 377 more words

Papyrus People

In this life we are but a roll of papyrus

Encased in a fragile cylinder of a body

Bound by a thin thread to the soil… 31 more words