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Snake bite at third eye chakra

Last night I dreamt that I am playing with two black snakes and I am trying to keep them low on the ground by suppressing them and finally one of them opens it’s mouth really ferociously and attacks and bites me exactly on the third eye chakra, I did not feel anything at all by that and it hits me, bites me the second time on the same place on my forehead in between my eyebrows on my third eye chakra and finally I woke up. 37 more words


The Great Escape/Short Story/Fiction

The Great Escape

“Jump, Mara, JUMP!!!”
He could hardly breathe, his hope and fear suffocating him to the point of dizzying proportion. Still, he implored his beloved to hear him. 4,100 more words


Kundalini Serpent Dream

Last week, I had a strange dream where I saw white and pink flat snake with a beautiful blue stone on its head, it was all up in the air and I was nicely playing with it in the dense forest. 49 more words


Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

I keep thinking about the future. I don’t know why but there’s something incredibly curious about it lately. It might be because I feel like I might be growing up or something I don’t know, but it’s odd to think about all these scenarios that could happen and probably won’t. 994 more words


Hope In Your Dreams & Holidays: Nurturing Thread

The Holidays are upon us with those mixed bags of feelings and thought. I had pondered to hide a bit until it was over, but I wanted to share this video. 76 more words

Mom, did you see that commercial?

It’s crunch time and everyone is rushing around trying put all of the finishing touches in order.  Filling out the last minute holiday cards, baking goodies, and wrapping presents-it’s exhausting!  346 more words

Celebrating Darkness and The Light

Happy Winter Solstice! We are celebrating the shortest night of the year with festivals of Light. Ever notice how much we crave Light. It brings us hope and security. 577 more words