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Defending Judge Dredd (1995)

In a post-Avengers world, it can sometimes be hard to remember the dark days of the mid-90s. A time when comic book story lines like The Death of Superman were hitting the mainstream media, most big-name properties were languishing in development hell, and the success of Batman Forever was about to give birth to the laughing stock that is Batman and Robin. 2,091 more words

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Lawgiver Remix

Well, yesterday’s result was not really very satisfying. Instead of a full weapon, perhaps we could combine all of Dredd’s Lawgiver qualities in something akin to a… 562 more words



Alright. The Judge Dredd theme continues. So there are two iconic items associated with the ol’ Dreddster and those are his Lawgiver pistol and the Lawmaster motorcycle. 901 more words


Judge Paladin Variant

So I looked at the SRD’s Paladin variants for creating the Judge and here’s what I came up with:

 The Judge Paladin Variant

Level Judge… 894 more words

Judge Dredd . . . Paladin?

So I’m standing at the stove browning some ground beef when “Judge Dredd . . . Paladin?” pops into my head. I don’t know why. I did watch the… 703 more words


Episode 14 - Dredd (3D)

Remember how last time we said “If Judge Dredd was” about a dozen times? WELL NOW IT IS.

Episode 14 – Dredd (3D)

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Dredd 3D


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