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Getting Started - One-liner Wednesday

“You can’t plan for everything or you never get started in the first place.”
― Jim Butcher, Changes

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Book Review - Storm Front by Jim Butcher

I’ve heard of Jim Butcher on Youtube on PeruseProject’s channel as she raved about his Codex Alera series. I was debating whether or not to give it a try, but I was never interested in his Desden Files series, one he started way before. 329 more words


New Item - Flickum Bicus Patch

When you’re a wizard, electronics and you don’t get along. Light bulbs blow out, so you have to rely on candles, and the easiest way to light those candles is with a simple spell, powered by your will and the incantation “Flickum Bicus”. 27 more words

Book Review Wednesday: Dresden Files: Grave Peril (4 stars)

This is the third book in the Dresden series. For my review on books one and two go here: http://samaustinwriter.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/book-review-wednesday-dresden-files-storm-front-5-stars/ and here: http://samaustinwriter.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/book-review-wednesday-fool-moon-dresden-files-4-stars/

At this point I’m going to assume you know the basic idea of the Dresden books. 491 more words

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For lack of a better post

I had hoped I would be able to keep updating to this new blog without slowing down or missing opportunities, or not having much to say. 449 more words


Fool Moon (Dresden Files)

Fool Moon (Dresden Files)

By: Jim Butcher


(Urban Fantasy/Mystery)

320 pages (Hardcover)

Harry Dresden is at it again, this time with werewolves… lots of werewolves. 253 more words


Fool Moon : A Fun Werewolf Hunt Worth Looking Into

Smoothie Review

Fool Moon By Jim Butcher

Okay, I read a couple really serious thrillers in the last month so I decided to take a break from a the really heavy dead serious material for something a little more fun. 597 more words

Book Review