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Dress Well: Same Outfit, Different Year

It was completely unintentional that I wore my two favorite Madewell spring shirts in back-to-back posts. It’s funny – I bought both of these shirts one year ago and am very happy that I love them as much now as I did then. 142 more words

Dress Well

Dress Well: Sun Sensation

Hello, lovely readers! It’s so nice to see you again after my weeklong hiatus. After a week filled with family visits, travel for work, and a terrible cold, I could not have been more excited for a sunny, relaxed weekend. 117 more words

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Dress Well: Day to Night

Dressing to transition from day to night might be the easiest thing ever when you live in San Francisco. Since everyone (well, almost everyone) wears jeans to work, there isn’t a large temperature differential between day and night, and you can dress casually at pretty much any restaurant in the city, the end result is that almost anyone could point blindly at their closet and still come up with an outfit that you could wear to work and then wear out. 175 more words

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Dress Well: Como Se Llama?

This is definitely my most creative blog post title yet. Don’t deny me that honor.

It was surprisingly cold yesterday, so I decided to take full advantage and give my llama sweater one last hurrah. 113 more words

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Dress Well: HIMYM Homage

I was inspired to wear this shirt after seeing Lily wear it during Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale. Having one last opportunity to get excited when I saw Lily wearing a clothing item that I own felt so right…which just adds to my feeling of sadness about how everything else about the  397 more words

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Don Your Confidence

Nobody is ever going to believe that I was a very shy person. But my mother used to beg me to go out and make friends, because I had a lot of low-esteem issues as a child.

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Dress Well: Rained Out

Yesterday my attempts to go out and get cute blog photos were thwarted by relentless rain. There are certain elements of nature that just don’t mesh with blog photos: rain is one of those elements. 179 more words

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