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Dress Well: HIMYM Homage

I was inspired to wear this shirt after seeing Lily wear it during Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale. Having one last opportunity to get excited when I saw Lily wearing a clothing item that I own felt so right…which just adds to my feeling of sadness about how everything else about the  397 more words

Dress Well

Don Your Confidence

Nobody is ever going to believe that I was a very shy person. But my mother used to beg me to go out and make friends, because I had a lot of low-esteem issues as a child.

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Dress Well: Rained Out

Yesterday my attempts to go out and get cute blog photos were thwarted by relentless rain. There are certain elements of nature that just don’t mesh with blog photos: rain is one of those elements. 179 more words

Dress Well

Dress Well: In My Comfort Zone

When in doubt, go with a clothing item that looks presentable for work but feels like wearing sweatpants. I don’t know how long this faux-track pant look will last (probably not long) but I plan on milking it for all that it’s worth. 62 more words

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Dress Well: I Will Always Love You

If I had to pick a theme song for this outfit, it would be “I Will Always Love You.” I adore every single piece in this ensemble and will undoubtedly wear each piece repeatedly for years to come. 263 more words

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Dress Well: Accidentally Green

True story – when I grabbed this shirt out of my closet yesterday, I didn’t realize it was St. Patrick’s Day. I was just looking for something I hadn’t worn in awhile. 188 more words

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Being Curated

A wise man told me before to always look like the business you’re going into. Since then, I’ve adapted my style and acquired linen to fit my image, persona, and how I want to be perceived by others. 108 more words