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Comfort #OOTD

Hello Readers! 

As the end of summer draws near and school is right around the corner, I’ve allowed myself to slip into a lazy daze, resting a lot, watching countless Friends reruns and just lounging. 43 more words

A little bit of Elegance

I love classic looks. I love pieces that I can wear for years without them ever loosing their ‘in’ factor. This black and white dress just screams class and elegance to me. 92 more words


OOTD: Wide Legged Palazzo

Sharing with you all today, one of my favorite outfit which is so HOT this season.. My wordpress search is full of this outfit.

I am talking about the very own… 90 more words


Pretty in pink by Petit Chat

Sorry…I’m not actually wearing pink *grins* but this dress is available in pink and pastel at Petit Chat. Isn’t this dress something? I love the way it’s constructed of lines of colours that follow a pattern of their own. 57 more words

What To Wear In Summer? ☀️

Before anyone says anything I realise that I’ve posted this a bit late as summer is literally over already, but I thought I’d tell you what some of my favourite outfits and styles I like when I’m on holiday or going out on a hot summers day! 271 more words