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Closet design: pt. 6 - furniture

I have finally ordered furniture for the new closet/dressing room.  I won’t be moving for another few weeks, but it should all arrive well in advance of me packing up my clothes and shoes.   336 more words


90 days, no shopping: Days 78-80 (new fringe + closet preview)

After spending 10/14 PTO days this month on a painting project, I decided to reward myself with a trip to the stylist.  Last month I took baby steps toward a full fringe by having the stylist cut in side-swept bangs.   299 more words


My Dressing Table

I’ve had my dressing table for about a month now and it still makes me so happy every day. I ordered it on Amazon and it was £97 for the table the mirror and the chair. 404 more words

Blame the Clothing, Not Your Body

Back again for another tip that will lead to shopping success! Sorry there was no post last week- things got a little chaotic over here at Trade! 461 more words

The Non-Shopper's Guide To Shopping

Did The Closet Explode?

So yesterday I was doing some retail therapy. I never go anywhere expensive because I’m cheap and poor. I hit all of my cheap faves, Wal-Mart, Target, and Kohl’s. 201 more words


Movie magic – behind the scenes

Anyone who has worked with Domino Theatre in Kingston, Ontario is familiar with the practical but rather stark actors’ dressing room.  White plaster walls, big mirrors, lights and a floating rack of costumes for whatever production is in the works. 481 more words

Closet design: Part 5 - schematics

Thursday morning, just before flying to Detroit, I finally got to visit my new house after the previous owners concluded their brief rental.

I must confess: prior to that day, I had only seen the inside of the house once. 383 more words