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Leigh Ann: Drew Barrymore Questions Cause Cameron Diaz To Cut Short Interview

Do you think Cameron Diaz overreacted to this question? It set her off enough to cut the interview short.


Do not, repeat do not, mess with Cameron Diaz or badmouth her friends

Don’t mess with Cameron Diaz. Or her best buddy, Drew Barrymore.

The actress was promoting her DOA comedy Sex Tape during a radio interview with KIIS 106.5′s Kyle & Jackie O show when she was asked about Barrymore, and how Diaz’s daughter in the film resembled a young Drew. 147 more words


Tinseltown's First Take

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is the center of American Cinema… but did you ever wonder what the first film made in LA was?

When the population of Los Angeles was roughly 100,000 and rapidly growing, D.W. 246 more words

Los Angeles

Californian Diva - Cameron Diaz and Rumours About Her Relationship With Drew Barrymore

Provocative and sophisticated, Cameron Diaz is the star with one of the most enviable body shape ever, and Harper’s Bazaar US chose her for the magazine’s cover of… 292 more words


50 First Dates

Viewed – 19 July 2014 DVD

If someone hadn’t borrowed me this, I wouldn’t have ever watched it. I don’t really go for romantic movies, and have never been that bothered about popular comedy star… 247 more words



Let the laziness begin with the bland title card!

Adam Sandler was once a prominent figure in the American comedy circuit releasing big budget films which usually had some raunchy humour, in recent years he has started releasing some of the most sinister and unfunny films in the history of the media. 489 more words



Are you an Adam Sandler fan? We are all fans here in our house. One year for Christmas, Tim got me every Adam Sandler movie he had made so far. 849 more words

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