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Entry 80.1: an Introduction to John Updike's "Rabbit" Series

As I mentioned in my post about Upton Sinclair’s “Lanny Budd” series a few weeks ago, a few of the novels which have won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction are part of a series: … 1,039 more words


Disney Project 2014: The Little Mermaid


Movie: The Little Mermaid

Release year: 1989

My reaction: I probably don’t need to explain myself to any girls born from 1980-1985. This is one of the best. 163 more words


Pupil vlog 2


Vlog 2 from a pupil giving detailed feedback on driving lessons from me- Drews Driving school.


Entry 79.2: "Dragon's Teeth" by Upton Sinclair (1943)

Between 1940 and 1952, American patriotism ran high, and the Pulitzer committee was very much a part of the fervor as it awarded the country’s highest literary prize to a novel that was chiefly about American victories in World War II, on average, every other year. 621 more words


Keep the line moving...

Jake Peavy is gone.  Thanks for helping the Sox in 2013.  But 1-9, 4.72 ain’t gonna do it for us this year.  Can’t even believe that they got a couple bodies for him.   825 more words

Lily Jean is in love with Hunter

Lily Jean’s diary…Hunter I can’t stop thinking about him. I’m just in love with him. I hope my enemy does not find out or else she will tell him. 120 more words


Lily Jean is Really Mean

Lily Jean is the recess queen.

And she’s mean. One day there was a boy, a small boy.

And no one liked him because he was really fast. 55 more words