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Sick but Food's on my Mind

Hey all,

I am so drained right now. I think I am going to fall sick soon. I am having quite bad runny nose and sore throat. 483 more words


Too Easy Going

Too Easy Going:

Yes, this strip may look familiar, but I was on vacation and needed something today. New strip this Saturday!


This weekend was good

This weekend, Wilson busted out the following new words: black, brown, red, and waffle.

Then tonight, we were counting “one…two…” and he said “three…four…five…six.” (Well, in his words at least.) We have never seen him do that before! 219 more words


Falling Acorn Timber Framing and Island Creek Farm

“Desire demands only a constant attention to the unknown gravitational field which surrounds us and from which we can recharge ourselves every moment, as if breathing from the atmosphere of possibility itself. 44 more words


Adventures at the Gym: Take 2

Nearly a year ago I wrote about a little adventure I had at the gym on campus during last year’s Get Fit challenge. It wasn’t an exciting adventure by a long shot, but it did involve what I incorrectly said was my first treadmill run (I had forgotten about that one time I ran on the treadmill during college), as well as tourists taking my photo through the window while I got very red and tried not to faint, and then I took classy selifes in a random basement bathroom: 890 more words