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30 by 30

Earlier this year I was reintroduced (via reading other people’s blogs) to the idea of the “30 by 30″ list – 30 things someone wants to accomplish by the time he/she turns 30 years old. 651 more words


What's causing this iOS crash? UICollectionView received layout attributes for a cell with an index path that does not exist

I’m working on an app that has a UICollectionViewController that is crashing in certain mysterious situations that are hard to reproduce. The log for the crash looks like this: 146 more words

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Drew Earns 3rd Degree Black Belt - December 13, 2014

Here are some excerpts from Drew’s Black Belt Test.  Thankfully, Drew was able to take the test with his good friend Navine.  Both boys did very well.   138 more words

Ordinary Chat

REVIEW: Rock N Wrestle 3 12/12/14

Rock N Wrestle 3
The Ironworks, Inverness

Good morning…or afternoon…or evening…

Gooooood time of the day grapple fans, this Friday past I went to Rock N Wrestle 3 in The Ironworks and now I am reviewing the experience with words and the like. 1,308 more words


Suburban Godfather

Suburban Godfather:

I really wanted to include Tokyo Godfathers in my Hollywood Christmas strip, but as it isn’t a popular enough movie to be included I had to leave it out. 119 more words


Into the Woods: So Happy

We went and saw an early screening of Into the Woods the other day. When did we start hearing about this movie being made? A couple years ago? 692 more words


HNThumper LXVII: Break in the action

Today’s HNT is the first I’ve posted that I didn’t take myself… 115 more words

Life With Belle