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War Of The Roses: Phil Is Cheating On Cheryl But Not With A Girl!

Cheryl and Phil have been dating for over a year but she has her suspicions about whether or not he’s being faithful to her.

When the guys called Phil to offer him a romantic package he hung up on Cass! 97 more words


Indoor Turkey Fryer, Moron Cell Phone Thieves, & The Best Place For A Crack Pipe? The Rectum!

A Lebanon, Pennsylvania clearly has never taken a fire safety class…or even heard of fire safety. 47-year-old Christopher Michael Geist was arrested after police claim they found him using open flame turkey cooker in his house…which also contained 26 propane tanks. 253 more words


[Video] Drex - Where You From

As anticipated, Drex drops his “Where you from” official music video. The video takes viewers on an entertaining journey with Drex and his entourage getting turned up, having a good time, and showing out for Savannah, Georgia. 181 more words


DRex(@RealDRex): Rapper Keeping it Real via @DJJohnnyO

Drex New Music – An Atlanta Hip Hop Artist

DRex: Rapper Keeping it Real

When DRex released his first album (“Hustler/Rapper”) on Datpiff.com in Fall 2011, it taught him the power of… 425 more words

Artist Spotlight

Maney Kicked To The Curb In His OWN House

Maney’s wife Amanda has tons of bestfriends and when any of them come to visit her in Charlotte they take priority as a guest…and by priority we mean Maney has to sleep on the couch while Amanda’s bestie gets the bed! 141 more words


Drex & Maney: Dizzy Bat At Bobcats Game

On this week’s Wednesday Nigh Basketball at Time Warner Cable Arena, Drex and Maney competed in the timeout Dizzy Bat competition!

It was neck to neck, but one of our co-hosts had an incredible jump shot that had the Charlotte Bobcats even notice. 9 more words


Miley And Katy 'Feud' Over Twitter

After Katy Perry took it upon herself to dish on the kiss between her and Miley during a live interview, Miley has decided to fire back at Katy via Twitter! 73 more words