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Where there's Muck there's Brass

From what I recall the above is expression heralds from Yorkshire in England and so often runs true – ┬ájust look at the price of bags of “farmyard manure” which one can use to fertilise the roses in the garden. 168 more words


Into Perfect Rhodiola Rosea Freeze Dried 100 Wildcrafted Siberian

Many of these herbs have been extensively studied and have proven to be safe and effective. It really is an uncomplicated and low priced way of giving us a great outlook in life and keeping us adolescent in both body and mind. 295 more words

Apricots Whole Dried 2 Lbs An

* Stock up on dried fruits such as figs, berries and prunes. These are packed with iron, which is important for the formation of hemoglobin. Habitually consuming these… 343 more words

Signature Dried Blueberries 20 Ounce Quick

* Some more great news about cherries. Did you know that they can boost your dental health as well? These little critters contain powerful antibacterial agents that can halt tooth decay and formation of plaque as well. 263 more words

100 happy days - day 3

I saw these dried up daisies sitting on the coffee table today and I couldn’t help but smile. Steve picked them for me yesterday after we beat the heat by going swimming in a lake up in the woods. 47 more words

going back to the oldies...

I am always very excited to try out new recipes which I usually find by doing research on different channels. On one hand I am a big fan of cookbooks and love to read them when I have enough time, looking to every recipe very detailed and mostly my mind is already going through my whole cupboard, thinking if I have all the ingredients already at home, so I could start immediately. 517 more words