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Drift Wood

Old trees can sometimes depict other things, I see a dragon in this one see if you can notice it.


I wonder what kind of journey this tree has had?  It’s quite a bit larger than the usual driftwood.  A tree uprooted in  a storm perhaps, the job of sawing it into manageable logs begun but not finished.  46 more words

Photography And Travel


The beginning of my driftwood obsession. Our collection has now grown substantially to include pieces nearly twelve feet long. The amount of ideas available on what to do with it are actually crowding my mind at the moment whilst it dries out, one almost becomes overwhelmed – so much of it is just beautiful as it is, some of it immediately lends itself to a project. 97 more words

bee keeping

All gardeners are bee keepers of sorts.  We love pollinating insects.  Even though honey bees can always be seen buzzing among the flowers, they don’t have a hive nearby. 138 more words

Woman with shopping cart

Heading on

Heading nowhere with a wagon made for shopping, the woman gaze into the distance, keeping both hands on the shopping cart, in which she keeps all her belongings.