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New Item - Drink Me Patch

Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”, this patch features a blue glass bottle labeled simply with the words, “Drink Me”.

This design is available as a patch in both our… 26 more words

Bye Bye Alice

Ah Alice maybe someone is trying to tell you something or your narcissism is getting the best of you.

Friends Betrayal

A Very Merry (21st) Un-Birthday

I’ve always thought an Alice in Wonderland theme would make the most amazing 21st birthday party. I’m quite a fan of turning kid party themes into less child-friendly versions. 149 more words

Wedding Inspiration

Bottled Life

“A source of life. A place of recreation. A calming presence, but also a destructive force… How will you interpret this theme? How can you tell a story with water?”


Drunk flamingos, treading grass

Drowning in tea,

pressured in to being someone different than me.

obscure reality dredging dreams.

opiate coloured theme.

interior monologues, quite pristine.


nightmare abundance or triply wave of harem.

“of cabbages and kings”


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Blood Moon Smoothie

It’s witchy wednesday! (Check out the hashtag on instagram) And, there was a blood moon out last tonight. I can’t wait. A total lunar eclipse is an amazing thing to witness, and I’m bummed that I didn’t get the chance to see this one myself. 109 more words