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Victor Kiam Moment

Chateau Fesles

It all started in business class in Qatar Airways when I was hit by my Victor Kiam moment. I had a glass of Chateau Fesles Bonnezeaux 2010 in my hand and thought about Victor’s immortal words, “I liked it so much, that I bought the company.” Sadly, I am not Victor Kiam and cannot afford to buy Chateau Fesles. 264 more words


It's Five O'Clock Somewhere: Happy National Gin & Tonic Day

Now here’s a holiday I think a lot of people (21 and over, that is) can get behind—National Gin & Tonic Day. Seriously, it’s a thing, people, and it is April 9. 94 more words

Drink Me

The Best Fictional Drinks

The world would be a better place if Harry Potter’s butterbeer and the BFG’s frobscottle existed – but we could perhaps do without the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster… 401 more words


Kanpeki Corse!

Domiane U Stiliccionu

The well travelled young Sébastien Poly’s vineyard in Corsica is just 8km from the beach in Porto Pollo in the Taravo Valley and a prehistoric stones throw from… 202 more words



March 1-8 was Birthday Week. I get really really really REALLY excited about my birthday. It’s a chance to indulge and celebrate, to look back at a year of hard work, trials and tribulations, transitions, delicious vegan food, cat and rabbit toes, and so much more. 165 more words

Eat Me!

What's on your face?!: Ingestible Digestibles for Glowing Skin

So far, we’ve just looked at external skin care routines. But doesn’t gorgeous, glowing skin start on the inside? As vegans we so often think about what we put into our bodies based on moral, ethical, environmental, and health standards. 473 more words

Eat Me!