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Drink More Water...

Great hair is more than just what you do on the outside…

drink more water ladies you hair will be all the better for it

Daily Hairspiration

How to make water more exciting

One of the easiest and quickest creations for an instant healthy fix is to make your own flavoured water. Its a sure fire way to guarantee you drink more – since it tastes so good. 144 more words


Weighing In

Last week I went to the Doctor for my annual checkup, and I had gained a few pounds since the last visit. My doctor gave me all the usual warnings, of what this does to joints, cholesterol, health, etc. 973 more words

Forming Healthy Habits & Beating Unhealthy Food Cravings

This guest post was contributed by Jesse Andrews who is a fitness expert and who works for Seven Seas click here to learn more. Jesse loves eating healthily and feeling the benefits, but his diet is not always perfect! 813 more words


The Gullible vs The Gulpable: Hydration Myths Meet Quantified Self

I’ve written several times about hydration myths, such as the misguided belief in a dehydration epidemic, the unfounded advice that we all need to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, and the old wives tale linking coffee to dehydration. 1,246 more words

April Awesomeness

Some days are really amazing – the days when you wake to something new – like waking up to a brand new month today. There is something so special about newness – a new day, a new month, a new year, a new job or a new relationship. 95 more words

Random Musings


I NEED TO DRINK MORE WATER. There’s some golden rule out there that says we’re supposed to drink 8 8oz glasses of water per day. Though I don’t really believe that, and after reading… 69 more words

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