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How To Drink More Water And Like It

Most people do not drink enough fluids, and when they do, they seldom drink water, which is essential for basic metabolism.  A very common mistake that people make is to believe that because they drink liquids, they consume enough water.  841 more words

Denise Cavassa

Top 5 tips on drinking more water

I used to hate drinking water, I always thought it tasted so plain. In the past one and a half years however, my taste buds evolved and I actually enjoy drinking water. 417 more words

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(More) Natural Ways to Battle PCOS

If you’ve been following Fanatical Family for a while you’ll know that earlier this year I was diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Since then I’ve been looking at natural ways of Battling PCOS to make sure that my body is healthy inside and out. 1,029 more words

Essential Oils

Lose 10lbs with one simple change

My clothes fit better, I’m less hungry and I don’t have the shakes anymore.  What did I change? I’ve eliminated sugar from my diet. Why? 493 more words

Successful Strategies

Road to Fitness: Top Three Wellness Tips - From a Top Health Coach

By now, you’ve all been introduced to Jess Spinner – a nationally recognized health coach and wellness expert. Jess offered one Peachtree Roadies reader a… 429 more words


Ad Report Card: Brita Sugar Buildings Commercial

By Hannah Ellsworth

 Brita Sugar Buildings Commercial

The Spot: As the narrator reveals alarming statistics about how much sugar the average pop drinker consumes over multiples measures of time, the camera reveals a city sculpture constructed entirely of sugar cubes. 605 more words

Year One - Advertising And Marketing Management Program

30 Day Cleanse: To have or to have not..?

Day 3: Tips & Tricks

Here’s snapshot of what I’m not allowing myself to have while cleansing for the next month; Alcohol, sugar, honey, artificial sweeteners, diet pops, dairy (except greek yogurt) caffeine, red meat, refined flours, whey products or… 279 more words

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