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Esthetic Appeal

Do you want to make a desirable and intriguing way to get people you love and care about to eat healthy, drink more water, and improve their overall well-being? 87 more words


11 Reasons to Drink More Water

Why Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick

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Health Strategies

Water and Fitness

Does a week off from the gym make you feel fat? Or do you feel that you have gained inches overnight? The pants you used to fit in easily have become tighter? 341 more words


How I live my #MizuLife

Just a post about a girl and her water bottle.

Last New Years Eve, one of my most important New Years resolutions was to “Drink more water.” I know that sounds kind of silly, but when I have a lot going on, it can get easy to forget to drink water.   616 more words

Hi. My Name Is Mark, and I Have a Waterdrinking Problem

Water is the best drink to get drunk off of.  Seriously.  

Did it quite a bit in college.  Some nights I just didn’t feel like going through that whole ordeal of drinking excessive amounts of alcohol: the cloudy judgment, the bad decisions, the smelly armpits, the groggy hangover … the stodginess of it all, when I look back.   298 more words


Operation Drink More Water

I used to be great at drinking water. In fact, there were times when I drank a little too much water, far exceeding my daily recommended intake. 259 more words


90 Day Challenge

This month, some friends and I decided to take the 90 Day Challenge to kick-start our health.  This was inspired in part by a man who lost 44 pounds in 90 Days. 768 more words