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Heart Disease, Cancer, Osteoporosis all in a Can of Soda?

It seems like a new study linking soda consumption to poor health makes headlines each week. And whether you’re choosing the full-sugar or diet variety, the data shows that you may be putting yourself at a heightened risk for everything from heart attack to osteoporosis. 297 more words

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How Much Water Should Drink in a Day ?

Our bodies yearn for pure, clean water. Everyone is concerned about how much to drink per day. To determine how much water our body needs, take your body weight in pounds and divide the number by two. See More


Just Drink Water. Top 10 Energy Drink Dangers

From – Caffeine Informer

1. Cardiac Arrest: While our Death by Caffeine Calculator can show people how many drinks would be lethal, this formula doesn’t apply to everyone. 370 more words

Diet And Nutrition

Esthetic Appeal

Do you want to make a desirable and intriguing way to get people you love and care about to eat healthy, drink more water, and improve their overall well-being? 87 more words


11 Reasons to Drink More Water

Why Dehydration is Making You Fat and Sick

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Water and Fitness

Does a week off from the gym make you feel fat? Or do you feel that you have gained inches overnight? The pants you used to fit in easily have become tighter? 341 more words


How I live my #MizuLife

Just a post about a girl and her water bottle.

Last New Years Eve, one of my most important New Years resolutions was to “Drink more water.” I know that sounds kind of silly, but when I have a lot going on, it can get easy to forget to drink water.   616 more words