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Tips for drinking more water

I am now officially on Day 5 of the Gallon a Day Challenge. The bathroom and I are very well acquainted right now. Ha! But I’m already noticing some changes! 397 more words

Running & Fitness

New beginnings

Here’s my new water bottle so I actually remember to drink water everyday.

Photo A Day 2015

Why Drink More Water?

The message to drink  at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day is not a new one.  So why is water so important? Because you reap so many health benefits it is unbelievable. 617 more words

Change 3 Challenge


Hello, everybody!

Progress is coming along, and I am about 42% of the way through editing Monochrome Dream, up 12% from yesterday’s progress!

I’ve got a massive headache from all this editing, so I just wanted to remind y’all to take care of yourselves! 248 more words


Skinny Tip: Flavored Ice Cubes

I’m known to guzzle water all day longgg. Drinking water just makes me feel so good and cleansed! And it’s sooo important for your brain / weight loss / clear skin / a healthy body overall! 241 more words