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Milky Way Milkshake

Looking for an out-of-this-world milkshake? You’ve found it with this Milky Way Milkshake, a creamy blend of vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and, of course, the chocolate-malt nougat-caramel-topped-milk-chocolate-covered Milky Way chocolate bar.

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Want To Stay Warm This Fall? Try Our Spiked Apple Cider

It’s time to officially come to terms with the fact that…well, it’s going to become frosty (and I don’t mean the friendly snowman,) and fast. Suddenly, the idea of putting on five inch heels and going out (like I do that anyway) becomes a lot less appealing, and curling up with Netflix and a hot beverage becomes the ultimate Saturday night routine. 118 more words


Harvestberry Luscious Milk + Orange Drink

Recently I have this thing for milk and oranges, not only oranges but any kind of fruits that will go well with milk. But yes oranges are the most desired for now. 837 more words

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Limoncello Gin Martini

Get transported to Southern Italy with this refreshingly delicious Limoncello Gin Martini, a cocktail that features the zesty liqueur along with gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. 6 more words

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Raspberry Coconut Spritzer

The last day of summer has officially come and gone but the warm weather still lingers. Cool off with this refreshing summer cocktail! It’s an easy combination of fruity flavors that really hits the spot. 69 more words


Recipe: magical elixir






Throughout the day, we search for stimulants as an attempt to cover up the negative emotions that wash over us. We need more energy. 303 more words


Recipe Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe Labor Day is almost here? To get ready for the upcoming holiday weekend, I’ve collected different and delicious recipe ideas from around the web. 266 more words