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New Thing Thursday!

I have become obsessed with this. I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s everything I have ever wanted in a… drink…

That’s right! My current obsession (like, don’t underestimate when I say obsession) is Bubble Tea… I just CAN’T STOP drinking them! 71 more words


Moonlight House

It is finally here! I have posted the first chapter of my new romance “Moonlight House”.

The first chapter, “Dorky Chef”, introduces the new characters. Moonlight House is the new “it” club in town and is owned between friends Adam, Noah, Rory, Sam and Erin. 55 more words


guest recipe: green lemonade

Fancy some lemonade without lemons? Sounds strange I know, but it works! This ‘green’ version is just as zesty and refreshing as your traditional ‘lemon’ lemonade kind because of the… 116 more words


The Great American Wine Company, Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

We’re still working our way through many great, affordable wines available in North America. Once we get more settled in (I’m just shy of three weeks living in Washington) we hope to do more research, but for now we are still feeling our way. 107 more words


My First Milk Tea

Way back 2008, I remember myself already hooked to this latest drink-craze, Milk Tea. It was during my MASICAP internship days when I was fond of trying different kind of food and drinks. 172 more words


Spotlight on Bethnal Green: Camels, cocktails and kings

In the two and a bit years I’ve been living a stone’s throw (or lazy bus ride) away from Bethnal Green, things have been a-changing. One of the East End’s most famous neighbourhoods, BG has always boasted an array of drinking and dining establishments (albeit not always friendly to outsiders), but just as with Shoreditch and Hoxton before it, many of the local pubs having been ‘hipster-fied’ in the last year or so, as arty types have moved into the area, swiftly followed by property developers. 478 more words

And Then Some

Drinkable Hi-Chew coming to a Japanese convenience store near you!

Now you can drink your candy and eat it, too! In just a few days, everyone’s favorite Japanese candy, Hi-Chew, will be available as a (probably) delicious drink! 100 more words