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"Delaney! Get outta that garden!"

She woke me early yesterday morning, sometime around six.  The day had been planned a week in advance, and i knew that i had to fix, the garden.   132 more words


Tirador de cerveza: A Device for Serving Beer

It is difficult to serve beer to a number of customers, if you are serving the drink in the tradition way that is placing glassful of drinks on the tables and then replacing empty glasses with more drinks, if the customers demand more. 30 more words


Iced White Chocolate Mocha, anyone?

On my last post regarding Bo’s Coffee‘s Hot White Chocolate Mocha, I wrote there that I will try the iced version of it.. And yes! 123 more words

Public Service Announcement: Water Talk!


How many times have you peed today? 



OR too many times to keep track of!

If you have checked yourself into the 1-3 category, you’re more than likely dehydrated. 218 more words

honey, you will learn...

honey, you will learn that life is too short to drink cheap beer and dance with ugly men. saturday quote