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Pirates of the Caribbean - Black Pearl Rum Cocktail

The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (I refuse to acknowledge the travesty of the fourth film) are great for watching on long summer days. The unexpected heatwave we’re currently having could almost fool you into thinking you were in tropical waters yourself – although I don’t envy Keira Knightley that corset. 284 more words

Food And Drink

Foodie Review (With Drinks!)

Top left: One of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth. Fried Pork Belly Mofongo (a Puerto Rican dish made out of plantains, meat and deliciousness). 171 more words

Experimental mead making: Wild fermentations

I have wanted to try brewing something for sometime, and as both mead and honey are particular interests of mine, mead seemed the obvious thing to try for myself. 511 more words

Miso Soup and Karaoke

…is what I did today!  I made real miso with katsuo-konbu dashi, and then just got back from karaoke!  It was super great, karaoke for 3 hours + free drinks for less then 1000 yen.   24 more words

Love chai tea? Then you'll love iced chai!

I fell in love with this recipe for chai iced tea cubes last summer, when it seemed like I made a new batch every other day… :) 169 more words


"Delaney! Get outta that garden!"

She woke me early yesterday morning, sometime around six.  The day had been planned a week in advance, and i knew that i had to fix, the garden.   132 more words


Tirador de cerveza: A Device for Serving Beer

It is difficult to serve beer to a number of customers, if you are serving the drink in the tradition way that is placing glassful of drinks on the tables and then replacing empty glasses with more drinks, if the customers demand more. 30 more words