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As long as there is Wine, Christmas will be fine

One of the joys of Christmas is the lovely wine. For most families it is something they take weeks to ponder upon. Which wine to drink with the main course …………? 180 more words


This is the Puerto Rican version of an “Egg-Nog”, made with coconut cream, condensed milk, Christmas spices and of course a liberal helping of rum! This recipe is egg free. 126 more words


My Drug Addiction Destroyed Me , Thank God

My Drug Addiction Destroyed Me , Thank God. Strange thing to say I know !! But what I mean by that is it took me to a place so painful that I had just 2 options, death or trying to get clean and sober. 186 more words


Appreciate water because as we all know, not every part of the world has free access to it. Appreciate the desperate gulp of water you take in the middle of the night because your mouth is so dry, appreciate the midnight tea you can sip on to soothe your busy mind, appreciate the steaming hot shower to wake you up for that brutal six a.m shift. 60 more words


almond milk hot cocoa

I recently concluded my first ever shrimp-sitting stint, during which I was entrusted with the care of my roommate’s beloved pet shrimps, Timmy and Tammy. Me and animals are generally not the bestest of buds, so admittedly there was a small dose of anxiety involved in this process. 336 more words


Mango Gin and Tonic

A Holiday Drink

It’s Christmas time and some of us are probably wishing that we were somewhere in the tropics enjoying sand, sun and warmer temperatures. 71 more words