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Chef dopes on: Wine!

Now they a whole buncha good wines out there, white wines from Austria, Malbecs from Argentina, Shiraz from Australia, even South Africa. In America them West Coast Califs think they pretty hot and a whole buncha other wannabees. 494 more words


Whisky got three problems

Well I already told ya that. Here they are: people confused about what Whisky is; even though it say how old they is it ain’t how old they is; and older don’t mean ya added a few years. 715 more words


Better Somewhat Today

I think that I am doing better today. I don’t have that evil little ball of rage eating my stomach up.

Last night to take care of it I had a couple margerita’s at dinner, it helped mellow me out. 223 more words


Chef dopes on: Whisky

OK, two ways we can do this, Easy, or Hard. Here the Easy way – Drink This.

 It medium priced, cheap enough to afford it, but pricey enough not ta get ya inta bad habits. 426 more words


Chefs Parable of the Garden of Texas

So it was like day 37 after creation all done, and God was chillin, checkin out what he done every now and again. Over there in the Garden of Eden they workin hard on apple growin, sex, good ‘n evil and all that. 462 more words


Chefs Drinkin 101: Sugar, Copper, Oak

Drinkin so basic to life, they only a few ways to do it…but lots of variations. Mosta what ya need to know is built on sugar, copper and oak. 307 more words


Your Guide to South Philly Vietnamese

Just south of Philadelphia’s Washington Avenue, strip malls emblazoned with neon script advertise pho, banh mi, and, necessarily for tourists, bubble tea. The air smells of chargrilled pork, sometimes fish. 1,040 more words