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Drinking off-brand Orange Soda and $8 tequila with a straw. Probably time to take a break when I can’t seem to locate the straw with my mouth..


Noribangs - Korean karaoke rooms

I have a confession to make…..I hate karaoke. Hate it! This is probably something to do with having to endure it sober every week back when I worked in a pub, but still, it pains me and my ears. 118 more words


Drunk Advice

“You don’t go to 7-11 to find sex friends, just cheap wine.”

PSA: 7-11 has an app. Living right next to a 7-11, it’s totally worth it for the free coffee and discount gummy worms.


Viva Tequila

Yesterday was tough as tofurkey jerky for all of us so last night we decided to do something about it. We started with mixed drinks and our Criminal Minds drinking game (every time Elle says something man-hating, Reid has a ridiculous statistic, Morgan is a sexy beast, etc.) but we needed serious cheering up so we pulled out the big guns. 33 more words


Event Managers who don't drink?

Is there such a thing as an Event Manager that doesn’t drink?

I am going to probably get a bit of flack for writing this but I think I would find it difficult to do my job if I didn’t drink.   444 more words

Event Manager

Middle Age And Too Much Time For Over-Thinking

I can’t decide if over-thinking, forgetfulness and distraction are all part of my impending senility or because I am on the cusp of empty-nesting and have less hands-on parenting to preoccupy me. 953 more words

Midlife Observations

Bed-Wetters Anonymous

While out with friends on the glorious night of Thanksgiving eve, I admit, I struggled. I had a few moments of frustration. I wanted to drink and no it wasn’t, “I want too get fucked up and blow lines in the Hurricanes Betty’s bathroom,” it was “I want a couple beers and to shoot pool like a normal person.” What’s weird about that is, I fucking hate pool, its boring and I suck at it. 420 more words