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Wild Woman

‘I’m trying to contain her but she’s slipping through the net. There’s a wild woman living inside of me’

Its been a while since my last update and since I last considered sobriety or even attempted it. 487 more words


The Coolest Cooler

I’m South African so it goes without say that  I’ve packed a few coolers in my time and they haven’t changed much since well forever. Ryan Grepper from Portland,Oregon sees this as being a big problem as coolers are apart of every day lifestyle so he has set out to create the ultimate cooler box. 154 more words

Cool Stuff

League Of Beers

As South Africans we love beer, its that simple and as the craze of being very trendy is still upon us the rise of craft beers seems to be going strong. 319 more words

Cool Stuff

Jack Daniels, jockeys and japes: Budapest unravelled

As the fat jockey circled the Kincsem Park arena, sporting a bright yellow jersey and whipping an unfortunate horse, Dan and I realised we were watching something special. 2,166 more words

Student Life

The great Wimbledon 2014 Pimms scandal

Wimbledon is over for another year and the dust has settled there’s time to step back and take a look at the big scandal that shock the tennis championship to it’s very core: watered down Pimms. 757 more words



Jello shots and guacamole from last week.


Six wines under $20 to take to dinner.

Lets assume you have been invited to dinner with some people you know are wine aficionados. Those people that talk in wine wanker speak, have great cellars at their home and wax lyrical about tannin profiles, bret and yeasty autolysis… Its tough to choose the right wine when you don’t know a great deal about it. 556 more words