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Having it all together

You might be a semi real grown up if one of your classmates tells you “everyone thinks you’re very together” and you don’t spit out your angry balls** in her face from laughing so hard. 411 more words


What Did You Learn From Your Parents? I Learnt About Eating And Drinking Really Well

MY father taught me how to drink alcohol and eat fine food, really well.

My education started from the age of about seven, when he would take me out to our local Chinese restaurant on a Sunday, (because my parents were divorced), and we would indulge in the sport of Chinese Food Flicking. 612 more words

Midlife Observations

6. Eat, Sleep, AA, repeat.

Day 5.

Last night I really enjoyed the AA meeting I went to. It was a beginners group, but there was a mixture of seasoned members. 433 more words


5. Get your backside to work

Day 4.

It was like my first day at work again. My mind was rushing, what do I say, how do I act, what happens if someone asks. 211 more words


4. Going to an AA meeting

Day. 3 (Pt 2)

Deep down I know I’m not meant to be here. It makes me sad that I am the same as the others here. 159 more words


3. Do something unexpected

Day 3

Late last night I received some hurtful messages from my wife. I didn’t reply until this morning until I read them. I replied with a sincere apology about everything I have caused, not something that I think ‘she just wants to hear’ but something that I wanted to tell her, even is she doesn’t believe me. 392 more words


2. The Doctor

Day 2

I was the only one in the doctor’s waiting area. Who the hell turns up to a doctors on a Saturday. I had the feeling that I was about to be looked down upon, I mean if you cant control your drinks thats a weakness yeah? 385 more words