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How to Drink a six pack of beer while writing a blog and watching 2001: A Space Odyssey

So my and my boyfriend, Robert, and I, after devouring a very high caloric lunch of Chili’s ( which was delivered to us due to having a severe case of lazies -making it even more disgusting ), decided to venture out in a heroic attempt at purchasing an electric keyboard at our local Target. 137 more words


9 days.

Wednesday 11th of September, 2:30 P.M.

The start of this post is coming to you from a steel tub, 35,000 feet high in the air. I love airports and flying, there is something about people flying through the air in big cylindrical tubes of metal that gives me a big fat rager. 1,706 more words


Drunken blogging is inevitable, no?

Went out with the parents tonight for a nice dinner before I go back to the city. We had drinks on the way there, while we were there, on the way back, and after we were back. 166 more words


....and furthermore

This is of course an ongoing discussion constantly to which we always appreciate feedback but I just wanted to piggyback the prior post “Beer Christianity” 882 more words


Breakfast at the Mile

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My compatriot and I decided to have a meet to determine a few things about the direction of our blog and some upcoming events that we can write further upon. 434 more words


My Garage: Metaphor for Life

Disclaimer:  If you usually come here looking for laughs, you might find a few in this post, but you might find it more poignant.  If you hate poignant, you might want to just roll out now.   1,057 more words

Self-Help Through Fury