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Say Goodbye to Shark Week With This Handy Drinking Game

by: Lynda Green

It’s time to say goodbye to Shark Week. In the spirit of living every week like it’s Shark Week, make the most of the final weekend with this handy drinking game. 147 more words

Shark Week

Bill and Ted's Bogus Drinkalong

Wow.  Saturday again.  I wasn’t entirely sure until yesterday whether this drinkalong would happen or not, but it is, and I’m glad.

I’m currently too tired to even try to be clever (so let’s hope this nap thing happens or I’ll be worthless tonight), so here’s all the pertinent stuff. 23 more words


The drinking game of all drinking games

How many times have you gone to a party and been ready to play drinking games? If you’re a normal human, probably every time, because competition is the greatest, as is alcohol. 644 more words

My Big Fat Greek (Wedding) Drinking Game

This is one of those films I heavily quote in life.  This is my third drinking game for a movie my friends and I were obsessed over.   124 more words


Never Forget You - Noisettes

I just used Shazam share Never Forget You by Noisettes. http://shz.am/t48356082

Thinking back to a time when someone dared to awaken my #mischevious side & take it for a ride…. 41 more words

Creative Writing/ Memoirs

Come Dine With Me - The Drinking Game


Whenever a contestant describes his/herself as “a very competitive person”

Whenever a contestant identifies a rival as a potential “dark horse”

READING THE MENUS… 236 more words


Leftover memories

This bottle, only 10% left is all that’s remains from my most recent trip to Trinidad (my 25th birthday extravaganza)…I drank this alone, no help from anyone else AND did it within the span of 5 hours, imagine the memories..because I only vaguely remember them. 37 more words