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September 16, 1908: Hetch Hetchy Supply Investigated

September 16, 1908: Municipal Journal and Engineer article. Municipal Party Returns from Sierras. “San Francisco, Cal.-The Supervisors and other city officials have completed their trip of inspection of the Sierra watersheds which it is proposed to acquire for purposes of a municipal water supply for San Francisco and neighboring towns. 89 more words


BBC: Fracking Not at Fault in Water Contamination

Does this mean the tracking industry can sue for slander?

From The American Interest, via BBC News

Poorly encased wells are to blame for water contamination in fracked wells, not the controversial drilling process, according to a new study. 171 more words

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Drinking water and losing weight.

If you drank more water, and didn’t change anything else – you could lose weight. That’s because your metabolism immediately increases 24% in the 60 minutes after you drink 16 ounces of water.

Connie Sellecca

Snapshots of rainwater harvesting projects in Karatu, Tanzania

When I first heard about rainwater harvesting projects, I thought they just brought water to students at schools in Tanzania. I was wrong. CPAR’s rainwater harvesting projects do many things for the students and communities that receive them. 235 more words

Continuing Education Opportunity – Groundwater

On Sept. 23 -25, 2014, the Division of Compliance Assistance is offering a three-day groundwater certification school at the DEP Training Center. This three-day, continuing education class will cover various topics that will affect groundwater operators in Kentucky. 111 more words

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September 15, 1998: Radon in Drinking Water

September 15, 1998The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report on Radon in Drinking Water “Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water” was released on this date.  95 more words


Stay Healthy with 5 Types of Clean Water

If your are suffering from: arthritis, acid reflux, back pain, carpal tunnel, constipation, diabetes, fibromyalgia, gout, high-blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, migraine headache, psoriasis, neck pain or knee pain.  383 more words