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I don't know much about life, but I've learned a lot from hockey.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting on for as long as I can remember, the culmination of a hard year full of excitement and disappointment. 588 more words


What's so Good about this Friday?

And the reason that I can’t buy a drop today is because allegedly 2014 years ago a Jewish carpenter said to be good at magic tricks but with a penchant for irritating the occupying Roman army and members of his own community managed to get himself nailed to a tree. 136 more words


A New Day

I went to my first class last night- alcohol education. One down, 11 more to go. I’ll be real with you- I didn’t hate it. I found myself happily participating and feeling a sense of accomplishment when the instructor backed up some of my thoughts and saying I hit it ‘spot on.’ What I said I truly believe though and it came from the heart. 328 more words


Antonya Nelson--"The There There" (Harper's, May 2014)

SOUNDTRACK: EXHAUST-Enregistreur (2002).

While Exhaust’s debut was a mixed affair, their follow up really showed some great improvement.  The band feels more unified, there aren’t any single songs that were remixed (which stand out in a bad way), rather the remixing was done throughout the songs.  961 more words

Short Story

I look at the my surrounding peers and tell my self “Man, oh man, they sure have it easy”.

In general the others around me seem to have it all. 624 more words


play it again

I have decided to purchase a recorder. I haven’t used one for years; hopefully, they aren’t expensive. My idea behind this is for recording my thoughts when I’m on my walks. 340 more words

Buddha, Bachelor Parties And Pole Dancing

Dear Malin Reese,

This weekend I’m partaking in my first official Bachelor Party down in Portland, Oregon. Portland was chosen because apparently it has a seedy side to it that Seattle can’t offer. 624 more words

Christian Lindvall