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there you go baby
i’ve stopped drinking again
i know i’ve said it
a thousand times
but i’m falling off
of tables and
ending up under… 23 more words

Saturday, August 23, 1969

I woke about 12:30 or one. Phone ringing + it was Frank + Carl. Dick supposed to meet them at the house but hadn’t showed. I hadn’t the faintest idea where he was but didn’t like to let on. 287 more words

Diary Entry

Each to their own

In my early twenties there were 2 key mantras in my life “An thou harm none do as thou wilt” and “Safe, Sane & Consensual” – as I’ve got older I’ve learnt to appreciate some of the interpretative difficulties that both of those propositions face but there remains a fundamental truth that they embody and which needs to be applied to every part of life including beer choice… 547 more words


Bevvie shame

Curious. Are we wannabe authors supposed to have a “signature” drink? I have no “signature” drink. Why the hell should I? It’s as silly as having a “signature” fragrance. 338 more words

Florida father in bar leaves kids in car, gets beaten

OCALA, FL (WKMG/CNN) – A 28-year-old Florida father was arrested in Ocala on suspicion of leaving his three children alone in a car for hours while he drank in a bar. 321 more words


the end...

I look up at the ceiling and stare blankly into the white abyss. My words have been replaced by silent cries. For three years I’ve love and I have found that love is lost. 756 more words


Would you really like a drink or three?

I’m often curious about the association between people and alcohol. Maybe it is because it is something that doesn’t really agree with my body. Whether I like that or not. 1,266 more words