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Blogmas! Day 19

Sorry I’m late… Oops. My neighbor took her dog this morning and she gave me a stuffed animal Olaf from Disney!! 😍 it’s super cute. I have my friends coming over later for a cookie decorating party. 230 more words

Blogmas 2k14

Some drink when they’re stressed;
I choose to write

Alaska smoked to die
And I ride rollercoasters
With records of past accidents
To let the chances decide…

29 more words

Freedom: the Gift of Recovery

Got a few resentments in AA?  Certain personalities in meetings annoying you?   Big Book thumpers causing internal eye-rolling?  Somewhere inside, are you thinking you may be able to manage your alcoholism yourself – that it’s really not such a big deal? 1,009 more words



Drinking is an understandable phenomenon, after all responsible social drinking to relax or to tranquillize one self from daily anxieties or a little bit of merriment etc. 2,017 more words


Christmas Conundrum

If there was a gentle way
To reassure my family
That I don’t have a drinking problem
Because the only time
I need to drink heavily… 20 more words


all good things

there is a man, who sits at a bar, who wraps his coat about the back of the stool. his jaw is cut like broken shale, a freckle here and there, and his skin is tan for michigan. 412 more words