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Drink & Sink

I like alcohol. It’s a simple, short, and honest point.  But, is alcohol important?  Of course it isn’t.  Recently I was working with a person who just couldn’t understand why the size his waist was growing the more he worked out.  560 more words

Rambles of a recovering person

Day two.

Day one proved to be easy. I’m usually okay until about day three. Making it through a weekend is usually where I fail. Past experience tells me if I can make it past 10 days I’ll gain some momentum and obsess slightly less about what everyone else is drinking. 495 more words


A Night Out in Kuta

Unlike a lot of the tourists coming to Bali, I wasn’t interested in the nightlife, alcohol or any of the other more sinful vices that are abundantly available. 545 more words


Different Kinds of People

These are two clearly opposite kinds of people…if we look for the good…at least you have a drink in your hand.



I am feeling strange.

I don’t know what this is.

I know I used to drink to cover up or numb all uncomfortable feelings. Right now in my life, there have been a ton of stressors and I’ve had some cravings that I’ve worked through…but I don’t really have too many anymore. 206 more words


11 months teetotal and counting - success or failure?

So I am currently 11 months in, and whilst I have a number of fun, ‘drinker profiles’ to add, before I conduct character assassinations of others, for karma reasons, I thought it might be an idea to conduct a brief assassination of myself first! 853 more words

part I

not sure how i did it while andrew was here, i made it getting over metro. i shut my door, did yoga until i was sleepy, took a shower with the light on. 86 more words