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The Appearance of Evil

“Avoid even the appearance of evil.”

It’s a favorite mantra of flannelgraph wielding Sunday school teachers the world over.

It’s led to Christians condemning things from alcohol, to rap music, to Halloween. 759 more words

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It’s nearly the weekend, try this cocktail to wind down after a long working week. air was made famous by Sex & the city.


twelve: alcohol.

i went out drinking to forget
you and all it made me want to
do is stupid shit that i would
regret in a day or two.


Rule #75: Designated drivers

This is a nice concept. Keep everyone safe and happy. Keep impaired people from driving. But it’s a totally flawed concept. Designating one of your friends to be the driver for the night. 252 more words

Old Journal Entry 10.29.10

Was looking at an old journal and found this entry. How sad I’m still in this same mental place almost four years later…

::November 29, 2010:: 150 more words