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Still Happy: Annual leave and wine therapy

I booked an extra two days off after the Easter break. My work load and difficult work relationships (I was finding it difficult to get on with the new guy) had left my stressed and in desperate need of a break. 549 more words

Alcohol Awareness from an International Perspective!

Ever thought about studying abroad in Ireland? It would be hard not to want to with Ireland’s rich heritage, beautiful scenery, and as most college students in the U.S. 455 more words


Drinking by Design

By: Emiliano Vazquez-Parrales, Section Editor for Student Voices (evazqu20@uic.edu)

With so much variety in the world of craft beers, going to the liquor store can at times be a little intimidating.   411 more words

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How Alcohol Affects the Body

When it comes to alcohol (just like with anything else), there’s ways to indulge in moderation, cut excess calories and make wise choices. But with this topic, we… 512 more words

AV's Say What: Is It Okay For Christians To Drink? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

 AV asks callers if it’s okay for Christians to drink alcohol in this edition AV’s Say What. Because it’s not directly in the Bible, people have come up with their own conclusions. 105 more words


Drinking Is Thinking

It is nearly nine o’clock in The Albatross and Head Porter and I are just about to have one drink too many. What started out as an informal chat about work has delightfully mutated in something approximating a Fairly Good Night. 771 more words