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40 Million Gallons of Drinking Water to be Flushed after Teen Urinates in Reservoir [VIDEO]

The Portland Water Bureau in Oregon decided to flush about 40 million gallons of drinking water from its supply after a teenager was reportedly filmed urinating in a city reservoir. 11 more words

Tales of North Devon Nightlife

In the last week or so, I have become more aware that I am advancing in age. It has got nothing to do with the grey hairs that have sprouted from my scalp and started slinking down my head. 734 more words


Nothing new to see here, people!

I wanted to go out drinking earlier (it’s nighttime where I am). Like really, really, I-am-missing-out-on-all-the-fun-I-think-I’ve-proven-my-point-now wanted to. Oh-fuck-it-just-tonight wanted to. Nobody-even-really-knows-you’ve-quit-so-what’s-the-big-deal wanted to. As-if-you’re-gonna-keep-this-up-forever-you’re-fooling-nobody wanted to. 32 more words

Can't even I'm actually somewhat sticking with this blog?

Hello again! So my email tells me I’ve acquired like, 3 new followers. Dafuqqqq? I can’t believe even one person sees any worth in my ramblings, haha. 520 more words

The Fizzes

The world of fizzy water—a seemingly simple realm—has its surprising nuances. When it comes down to the details, how interchangeable are tonic water, mineral water, seltzer, carbonated water and club soda? 18 more words

University of Pittsburgh study connects Top 40 hits, binge drinking

Snoop Dogg’s “I Drink I Smoke” suggest he’s sipping on Patrón tequila ‘til it tastes like water — but are these lyrics encouraging college students doing the same? 900 more words



they found me in

the garden

taking a piss in

a birdbath

without a shirt on

and swigging from

a bottle of wine

it wasn’t my fault though… 129 more words