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I'm Pretty Sure I Hate Wine

I tried wine for the very first time last night.

Well, technically not the very first time.  But I don’t count the “death in a box” wine that my friend and I used to drink when we wanted to feel sophisticated. 241 more words

Reinventing Myself

Boots and Hearts 2014 - Safety Tips

The following post arose from a conversation between Josh Murray and myself. We hope it helps to keep you safe.

From Thursday to Sunday this week thousands of country music fans will descend on… 682 more words


Let’s put the Short in Short Story

Setting: Fenton’s Bar & Grill circa 1993

Everyone has that male friend that claims to have a big dick and in some cases they might. I’m sure there is a scientific study out there that shows that Internet dick size is increased 25-35%. 598 more words


The Tornado Returns

Yet another tornado dream. Not sure what chaos or change is on its way with this dream, but I’ll log it anyway.

I am in a hotel at a meeting in Louisiana. 803 more words


My father II: A short story

My father used to make me perform in bars.

After he and my mother separated, he would have us on the weekends. The only good part of going to his cigarette-smelling apartment, was the fact that my brother and I usually got donuts and watched the Three Stooges all morning long. 391 more words

London, New York, Carrollton.

London, New York, Carrollton: the sign featured above a teenage fashion store in a strip mall in the town, nay, city where the University of West Georgia is located. 940 more words


Who The Fuck Is In My Bed Right Now?

I love how people are always so derogatory towards cops like, “Fuck the Po-lice!”.  But then, when they need help they’re always like, “I’m gonna call the cops on yo ass!”.   839 more words