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Witney's History of War, Murder and Drunkenness

You’d be forgiven for imagining that Witney, David Cameron’s very own comfortable market town, has always been sleepy and dull. Didn’t it just make blankets for centuries and then become a pretty place for middle-class women to shop? 1,484 more words

Troughs and Peaks

Wow, it really has been a roller-coaster week or so!

I had notification earlier this month that my house was going to be re-possessed. This is not the place I am currently living, but the place I moved out of. 670 more words


Day 4 - Black Dog

So I received some bad news last night. Not really that bad, an inconvenience more than anything – our child care subsidy had been suspended. 455 more words


The fantastic world of M&Ms

Forgive me those who love the brand M&Ms. I am not a fan and in fact I am far from being a good customer.

In my youth I always remembered to see well aligned bars of M&Ms, KitKat, Mars, Crunch, Lion, Bounty in the stores …the variety was not great but the brands were loyal to everyone. 249 more words


War of My Worlds

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles narrated the famous Halloween episode of The Mercury Theater on the Air radio drama anthology series that would go down in history. 1,900 more words

Legit Customer Reviews?

Have you ever found yourself browsing reviews on sites like Yelp, wondering just how legitimate some of them are?  Some of them seem far too amazing, as if a paid professional wrote them.  399 more words