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Bloomberg's Over-Sized Idiocy

I generally try to keep my political opinions to myself, but when I read Bloomberg’s Ban on oversized drinks was going to trial, I felt it time to say something. 269 more words


I'll be Your Customer Tonight

Me: “Hi, I’m Megan, I’ll be your waitress tonight.”

Customer: “Well, hi, I’m Joe and I’ll be your customer for tonight”

Oh, the laughs that were had. ._.



Fresh Vanilla Almond Milk

Making almond milk at home is one of those things that seems way more intimidating than it actually is. I wasn’t even planning on doing a write up on this because I had just started the process of making some the other day as an afterthought. 351 more words


A Cup Of Cure

There is a little recipe that I would love to share and though it isn’t the most original one ever, it is a good one.  It’s soothing, heart-warming and a treat for me quite like hot chocolate but a nice change from our favorite winter beverage. 188 more words


Juiced Bloody Mary

I wanted to make this post about a juiced caesar because it was invented in Calgary, Alberta making it oh, so Canadian.  Alas, a casear isn’t a caesar without clamato juice, which is tomato juice with clam broth in it. 597 more words


Acceptance is the first step

I have a serious addiciton to Pinterest.  There.  I said it.  My husband would not be surprised by this as he has been the taste tester for many a… 136 more words

Healthy Eating- Smoothies!

I bought a blender!  It was cheap, and it is very loud!  But I wanted to make smoothies (they are quite the in thing right now) but also soups as I am trying to be healthy(er). 308 more words