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Nakd Inspired Berry Smoothie

Today I started getting healthy! Kind of. It’s not really lasting very long. But I had a smoothie, and some Nakd bars, and I didn’t drink far too much coffee like I sometimes do to stay awake even though I don’t really like coffee that much. 226 more words


Day 106 - Celebrate!

Celebrating my new job in the best way: with my best pals and draaaanks

100 Happy Days

Granny's Hot Cocoa

Who does not like hot cocoa? The weather is beginning to get chilly- perfect for delicious hot cocoa! My granny makes the best hot cocoa and she was kind enough to share her recipe with me! 94 more words


"She's a writer, too."

She introduced me to musicians and artists and waitresses.

Only in Los Angeles can someone who doesn’t make enough to pay rent from their craft can be defined as their artistic  724 more words

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July 31st

Power and telephone lines criss-cross above the narrow alley like barbed wire. They create an artificial ceiling between the two railroads above. I sit at a table beneath this modern trellis, in the shade of the wires and a step removed from the endless foot traffic that characterized the streets of Tokyo. 893 more words



Jeg sidder her og drikker varm kakao og spiser æblebåde med kanel med stearinlys tændt og rigtig fredags-hygger. Det lyder som et rigtig insta-moment, men det er altså virkelig en udfordring at tage æstetiske billeder når væggen er lilla, bordet er gulligt trælaminat og servicen var hip i 70′ernes Spanien – TRO mig, jeg har virkelig forsøgt! 285 more words