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I have recently been inspired by Patrick Nagel  his simplistic and sticking style really does stand the test of time and its something I aim to achieve with a Bareface twist of course. 8 more words

Design Process

Fallen Kisses

Yes …lay bare
in wait of touches
Soft of satin fingertips
stopping places of rapture
under your tips skin
tingles with sensual
i… 21 more words

Sensual Poetry

monos ++

Amsterdam, Holland.



It took me quite a few hours to finish this but finally I believe it’s done! 50x70cm watercolor painting. Now I just need to find a new home for it :) Hope you guys like it! 46 more words

Work in progress

This is the first time I’m working on a bigger piece! This is approx 50x70cm which obviously isn’t huge but it’s much bigger than I have ever done before and so far I’m really loving it! 54 more words

Still Life

- Still Life, 2014 -

* * *

If you are interested in self-portraits, I recommend you visit Strata of the Self. It’s beautiful.

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Doctor Communis (Adolescence I)

If I wasn’t a
monk, then firewood would
have no pot to chant
in. If I didn’t know
math there would be no music
to burn with. 54 more words