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Grateful for the little things

I’m very grateful for everything in my life, big and small. Day to day, it’s usually the little things that make my day. A compliment someone gives you that they enjoy your photos or information you post, unexpected help while shopping, someone says you’re pretty or smart, someone says they believe in you, a sale you thought would fall through, comes through, etc. 302 more words


Everything was dark when we got up in Cape Town. The cloudy night sky was smudged with black ink. Our car was waiting in the driveway, packed and ready to go.  810 more words


Reason Being

I write because God gave me the words. I sing and play because God gave me the song. I dance because God granted me whimsy. I am not brilliant. 27 more words


The West Coast

Our road trip officially began as we drove from Picton to Takaka. After a night in Motueka, we set out towards Ligar Bay over Takaka Hill. 264 more words

New Zealand

Gone Girl (aka "She Cray")

Bustling, Running,

Scurrying about…

Where did your femininity go?

You toss it out the window with all the other

Unimportant things?

Like Being, Loving, Nurturing… 183 more words

USA Road Trip 2012 (9): Monument Valley

We had left the Grand Canyon behind.
And when I thought that nothing could leave me breathless anymore, we reached Monument Valley.
Which, too, took my breath away! 175 more words



Creeping over road
Driven by the howling wind
The drifting of snow