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The Drive, Redux

A blaring sound was emitted from my phone.  It kept droning on and on, begging me to swipe my fingers across its glossy exterior.  I obliged – it was 5:30 am and I didn’t want the baby to wake up.   3,614 more words

R & K

Workout 09/18/14: Ruck Walk

I thought that I would be reporting a new, faster record today. I just got back from my Ruck Walk, and was pushing myself hard… 94 more words

Fit Father Of Four

Let Your Victories Be YOUR Victories

Do you ever feel like someone is trying to “one-up” you? Someone is trying to steal that sunshine away from you? Someone is attempting to put you down while somehow lifting themselves up? 248 more words


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A Date

Description of a memorable time I spent with a person not so recently.

(I would try not to identify a place or the person)

I have thought a lot about why I wanted to post this. 1,117 more words



Wasted lines undermine time, time and time again

I brace, I pine, I patiently craft this crime

as I’ve carved out the lines over and over to make sure that they rhyme… 100 more words


Smart talk

Yet another article confirming that I have sent my daughter down a path of failure. I thought I was doing well by praising Ri as being smart when she correctly completed a math problem but apparently I’m setting her up to head straight to trucking school after 12th grade. 340 more words