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Trying to keep everything together

Well, we have the Holidays upon us!  Shopping, wrapping, making cookies, planning family get togethers, everything is in full swing.  Somewhere in there I need to find the time to keep my training going.  494 more words


Forgive me for my impatience

This is so very new for me

I’ve always been the center of my concentration

Or at least that the way it used to be… 77 more words


Jaguar XFR-S - Driven and Reviewed

With the release of the Mk11 in the late ’50s, Jaguar could easily be credited with the invention of the Q-car – otherwise known as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 956 more words


Dearest America

Dearest America,

We are the driven ones. The inspired, effective, determined ones. In a moment’s glance, you can spy us; marching to class with our glossy eyes, hunched shoulders, and strained expressions. 539 more words


Why Zombie--The story behind the name

Some of you may be wondering “why the name Zombie?”  No, it’s not because I’m part of the Walking Dead nor have I been bitten by any such creature…lol!  302 more words

RESTLESS- Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Offering no physical or emotional rest; involving constant activity or motion. This a...




Dreams haunt my mind-set on goals beyond popularity polls

I suppose.., 

I must be uninterested in spending my Time-Account on the pursuit of doubt. 42 more words

Spoken Word

Driven: the Jeep Cherokee

The iconic Jeep brand has its roots in World War II. As war raged in Europe, the US military realised that it required an update for its reconnaissance vehicles, and invited 135 manufacturers to submit their ideas. 1,295 more words