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Use Personal Car on Company Business?

Keven Moore regularly authors articles on insurance and safety matters, and he’s come up with another brilliant summary of the sticky issue of using your personal vehicle for company business. 532 more words

Driver Safety

"Dear Drivers" - all horsey owners should share!

I can’t take any credit for this perfectly written letter.  I have just seen in on Facebook, and just had to share it.  All horse owners need to share to get the word out and help educate the non-horsey drivers out there.   415 more words


How to Protect Yourself from Aggressive Drivers, Road Rage

Now that summer driving season is here, AAA has a few tips on how to stay safe on the roadways.

The travel agency’s Doug Shupe… 130 more words


Various notifications from the council 01/07/14 – 16/07/14

Received on 01/07/2014: North Street Brighton – Summary of design review workshops 

North Street Consultation Summary

Please see attached summary of consultation regarding North Street… 480 more words

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Other Perspectives on AVs

We’ve posted many articles over the years on the emerging technology that will someday make “Autonomous Vehicles” a reality.

Most traffic safety professionals see this as a hopeful sign that traffic fatalities could be reduced dramatically since 90% of crashes are tied to driver’s choices, attitudes, and actions while behind the wheel. 328 more words

Driver Safety

Safety Features of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) or “self-driving cars” incorporate a lot of high tech and cutting edge technology in order to be able to drive down the road in a safe and predictable manner. 209 more words

Driver Safety

Left Lane Hog?

Speeding is always a bad idea since higher speeds:

  1. rob drivers of reaction time
  2. increase stopping distance
  3. reduce driver’s ability to steer or control the vehicle due to the increased energy contained in the moving vehicle…
  4. 332 more words
Driver Safety