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The Ethics of Computer-Driven Cars

We call them driverless cars, but of course something is driving: a computer. When a human driver is confronted with a crisis, perhaps a choice between hitting a child who jumped out into the road or crashing to avoid her, there’s no time to think about deontological ethics. 237 more words

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NVIDIA and cars?

In connected and driverless cars alike, NVIDIA sees opportunity.  Google currently collects about 1 gigabyte of data each second in their Lexus test vehicles.  That’s a lot of data that requires fast processing.  52 more words

How close are we really to driverless cars?

Google’s driverless car prototype makes autonomous cars look like they’re right around the corner, but the verdict isn’t out on when they’ll hit your local dealership. 68 more words


Disrupting the drive-by? Why the FBI's warning about driverless cars and shootings is silly

Every bank robber or mob enforcer has faced the following dilemma: You want as many hands holding guns as possible to pull off your heist or gangland-style execution, but you always need to designate one lead-footed thug to drive the getaway car. 512 more words

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FBI says self-driving cars will be good for surveillance, but lethal in the wrong hands

Driverless cars are a “potential lethal weapon,” but could make surveillance “more effective and easier,” the FBI claims in an internal report surfaced by the Guardian… 221 more words


Safety Features of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) or “self-driving cars” incorporate a lot of high tech and cutting edge technology in order to be able to drive down the road in a safe and predictable manner. 209 more words

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Self-driving Uber: Coming your way in 10 years or so

I figured someone already thought of this idea, so I Googled it before writing a blog post. Sure enough, Uber’s CEO has already announced that eventually… 184 more words