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BlackBerry could be the chauffeur in your future driverless car

BlackBerry’s(s bbry) QNX operating system may not be the hit in mobile phones that the company hoped, but one day QNX may be helping you with a different kind of mobility: … 391 more words


Automated vs. Autonomous, Dr. Scott Washburn’s Take

We recently talked with Dr. Scott Washburn, Associate Professor in Transportation Engineering from the University of Florida Civil and Coastal Engineering Department. Dr. Washburn explained that in 2013 he and his colleagues formed a transportation institute, called the… 674 more words


Driverless Car

The future, today! According this article from the New York Times, driver-less cars could change the shape of cities in the future. From the title: 101 more words

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Into the Future: The Expectation and the Reality

The Expectation

By Alice Thomson

In 1952 Robert Heinlein, one of the most influential and controversial science fiction writers of his time, predicted what life would be like at the beginning of the twenty first century.  1,262 more words


Manuel Needs A Driverless Car

So I have discovered another reason to add to my list of desires for driverless vehicles, Blinding Sun.  How so you might ask.  Well, after a nice slow paced day I went to pick up my oldest daughter at the grocery store. 249 more words


Top 5 Reasons Why We Will NOT See Driverless Cars in less than 10 years

In our last blog entry, we went through all the reasons why we believe that Driverless Transportation truly is sure-fire technology and why we are confident we will see Autonomous Vehicles within the next 10 years. 900 more words

Driverless Transportation

Top 5 Reasons Why We Will See Driverless Cars in less than 10 years

If you look at all the hype and writings about Driverless Transportation (much of which you can find links to from this site), you’d believe that Autonomous and Connected Vehicles are a sure-thing. 948 more words

Driverless Transportation