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Tip of the Week - Are you checking your tire pressure daily?

Are you checking your tire pressure daily? Is your fleet man making sure that the PSI is right in every tire? How about your tire man… is he doing his job? 60 more words


The 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI. A Cool Hot Hatch

Indulge me for a bit while I elevate into a fictional stratosphere. Clark Kent is a boring person, self-righteous but uninteresting. When the facade drops and the kyrptonian takes over, all hell breaks loose. 921 more words


Picnics without Panic. Hopefully. #IFKS #picnics #Ireland

Remember those summer picnics? the ones we had in the back of a car, with the mammy handing around limp sandwiches sealed in clingfilm that somehow managed to make the bread moist while – at the same time – letting it go stale. 851 more words


Self-knowledge and self-control

Let’s take a closer look at esoteric life. We know that various changes take place in our soul life through the exercises we received. For instance, the passions that a man had before get stronger. 122 more words


Big Sur and a BMW M3

California State Route 1 — alternatively the Coast Highway, Cabrillo Highway, Pacific Coast Highway, or the PCH — is perhaps one of the ultimate drives in the US.   87 more words


And The Award Goes To.....

As a woman in a man’s sport, it can be really difficult to find success – or even a guiding hand to help you along in your journey. 763 more words


Eats, Shoots, & Leaves

No, it’s not a grammar error. Those commas are intentional – my panda does not eat shoots and leaves (it doesn’t technically eat food, shoot a gun, and walk away either, but that’s a story for another post). 814 more words