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Driving Miss Daisy: From Stage to Screen and Back Again

From The Hunger Games to The Great Gatsby, everyone has heard someone say, “The book was so much better!” Favorite books and plays have been adapted to the silver screen for as long as there has been cinema. 1,005 more words


Creating Context: Atlanta, the New South and the Civil Rights Movement

Editor’s Note: The story of “Driving Miss Daisy” takes place from 1948 to 1973—a period of great societal change in America. As part of our production Study Guide, the Ford’s education team has created a timeline of events that highlights major milestones in the Civil Rights era. 887 more words

Ford’s Theatre

Behind the Wheel of Driving Miss Daisy

During the past year I have been a volunteer at the Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT) as a historical consultant. For their recent production of Driving Miss Daisy I created a presentation for the cast and production team on the history between the Black and Jewish communities in Atlanta, Georgia. 41 more words


Because when you cannot, you just can't.

Everyone has their own personal list of pet peeves. For some, it’s sketchy coworkers that steal lunches and snacks from a shared office refrigerator. For others, it’s an annoying uncle that chews his food in a manner similar to that of Mister Ed. 1,268 more words


I'm Not In The Driver's Seat

My palms start getting sweaty and my heart starts racing a tad bit. My stomach turns and churns just thinking about it. I’ve thought about it in the middle of the night a few times. 654 more words