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The Days Leading Up To My Driver's License Test

This is how I imagine my test to go…

I am going to walk into the DMV like this:

Be dragged out to the car: 55 more words

Driver's License

She Passed! Now the Fun Begins

Darling daughter no 1 finally passed her driving test last week after a couple of attempts. She was absolutely thrilled at the independence this will give her. 242 more words

General And Rants

Pass - Molly Berry

A massive congratulations goes out this morning to Molly Berry for passing her driving test yesterday.  She managed to combat the schizophrenic weather, keep her cool and with just 5 minors, became a licence holder. 43 more words

A-class Driving School

Learn Driving Test Tips online for Guaranteed Success

Getting a license to drive a vehicle is a dream of many people. However, it can be difficult to crack driving license test of your state due to the vastness of the driving manual. 289 more words

Basic Safety Rider Course

Are you getting ready to start learning to drive ?

So you’re ready to take your first Driving Lesson? How are you feeling? Preparing for your very first lesson can be a very daunting thing for some people and then quite the opposite, such an exciting thing for others! 1,172 more words

Driving Lessons

Fallin' for Fall

October is finally here! I am so excited for this month to finally be here. I would have to say October is my favorite month of the year. 163 more words

I passed my Hazards

I mentioned a while ago that I’m still on my Learners, but today I finally took my hazard perception test, it’s pretty easy, it is best to study first though, all it is, is its a computer based test and you just have to click on the mouse when you think its the safest way to slow down, give way, u-turn etc. 88 more words