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Xbox one's real twitch app perks give me a beta look at The Crew!

See unlike the ps4 access to watch Only ps4 twitch streaming (which sucks in quality), the Xbox one give you full access to twitch the way it was meant to be. 253 more words

It took how long to get home from NY?!? A lesson in disguise...

So I’m all about the lessons.  Hey, if I’m going to make mistakes – which I am prone to do – then I want to be able to share them so someone can learn from them.   826 more words


31|05|12 - "The impossible texting and driving test"

Someone said to me on Monday, “Shona, what is it with you and witnessing car accidents?!” I suppose she made a valid point – I’ve come across quite a few accidents in my driving career and there have been countless occurrences where it’s just dumb luck that an idiotic, risk-taker hasn’t caused carnage. 1,159 more words


Women Only Parking Spots, Awesome or Offensive?

So in China, they now have women only parking spots. I find this a little offensive, not because I’m assuming they think women drive bad. I’m upset because they don’t have a men’s only parking spot. 47 more words


Driving Mr. Daisy

I’m not exactly a rage-aholic driver. Usually you can find me in the slow lane driving 5 miles under the speed limit (75mph is just way too fast!) If I’m forced (by my husband, against my will) into the fast lane to pass another driver, my heart races like I’m jumping off a 50 foot cliff. 553 more words

Traffic Control Algebra

Keep traffic flowing by starting and stopping the traffic in a lane. Do this by clicking the value for “x” that solves the equation associated with a lane. 27 more words



Sometimes you’re driving, and you can’t figure out how the road exists and how it is paved in a way that seems as if it was always there. 463 more words