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The 10 Most Amazing Roads Any Car Enthusiast Should Drive!

Any car enthusiast has their dream to drive their favourite car in the most beautiful place in the world. Everyone has different tastes and everyone has their bucket list items. 1,637 more words


The Plan #2

Driver’s licence

I bought my car, a Volvo, in FULL!!! And I have 16 more hours to complete until I can get my driver’s licence. I am quite excited. 162 more words


Texting and driving can kill you!!!

April is recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness month, an initiative to stop people from using their cellphones while they are driving. Many people did not know the dangers of they can possible go through when driving. 74 more words

Cerritos College

Frugal life tip: Commuting by walking, running or cycling.

I find one of the worst aspects about having to work for a living is actually getting to work. I hate driving and I live in a city with extremely poor and very expensive public transport. 521 more words


One Glaring Difference Between CR England and the DOT CDL Grant Grays Harbor College?

I was originally rejected for the DD Form 214 Form that I showed to the Financial Aid lady on the campus. She said I showed her form 1, which fails to show my Honorable Discharge information. 117 more words

Being awkward at the petrol station

I am not a new driver. I passed my test early August last year with just two minors, one being for a lack of “eco-safe driving” (whatever the fuck that is) so I don’t count that one anyway. 661 more words