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What's the deal with computer software?

More vague titles!

(And no Monday post because WORDPRESS deleted the one that I uploaded SOMEHOW (It was about unicycles, hippos, and nuclear explosions, stay tuned for I might be bothered to wrote it again!)) 347 more words

What's The Deal With Wednesdays?

Media Musings

(A collection of things i wrote of mediamusings, mostly dealing with things of an online nature.)

Set Sail for Copyright

There’s something very wrong with copyright laws in the digital space today. 412 more words

Andrey Rodionov

Comixology DRM-Free Comics | $1 for Access to 15,000 Marvel Comics | Gizmodo

You Can Finally Download DRM-Free Comic Book Backups From Comixology | Gizmodo
The biggest digital comic book distributor in all of digital comics land, Comixology, just took a relatively unprecedented move for a platform its size. 136 more words


Comixology and the Death of the DRM

We are told that we cannot lose external goods because we never really had them. The beauty of fields or gems is a real good, but it is theirs, not ours… 583 more words

SDCC 2014: DRM-Free at ComiXology

Today during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, comiXology unveiled a new DRM-free backup feature that allows customers to download and store copies of their books. 142 more words


ComiXology starts offering DRM-free downloads on (some) digital comic book purchases

Digital comic book platform ComiXology announced today that it now has DRM-free downloads for some of the comics and graphic novels available for sale through its online store. 383 more words