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How To Fail At Business The Square Enix Way!

Always, always make sure your product is less desirable and useful to your customers than one they can get free with minimal effort and risk. Make sure it runs worse, isn’t portable to another computer when the customer buys a new one, will cease working if they have no network connection or if your company decides to stop supporting the product. 196 more words


It's Time to Kill the Used Game Market.

In the summer leading up to the release of the new generation of consoles, Microsoft attracted a lot of heat when it announced that it would restrict used games on it system, effectively killing the used game market. 1,076 more words

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DRM: Dummies' Resist Mainly?

I found an article that talks about Digital Rights Management being used by Square Enix in their video game library and why they support it. The debate on whether or not DRM is ethical or even necessary has gone back and forth for years now. 606 more words


Digital Property Rights

This week, the Game of Thrones caused quite a stir, and for once it wasn’t just because of who did or did not die horribly (although he did, and it was.) 325 more words

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New Tip: Validations with Node Types

The Issue

I ran into a puzzling issue at a client using version, I was trying testing DRM validations using a query to ensure that the product was working properly after a new install. 233 more words


TechBytes Episode 87: Catching up With Surveillance (NSA, GCHQ et al.)

It’s been far too long since I presented with Dr Schestowitz on the TechBytes show.  Over the last year many things have changed, most notably that I am now almost completely living my digital life in the Cloud.   75 more words

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