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Summer Projects

Over the summer, we’ve decided to do an additional project aside from the usual fundraising and such. We’ve split into three teams that will each build a robot pertaining to a game from the past years of FTC. 84 more words


Excerpt from "3470 C.E."

“Athena, are you in the cornfield?” Mom’s hologram is in front of me.

“No, Mom, Ced wanted the corn, so I’m in the barley.”

“One of the water droids is down,. 673 more words

Rani Oran, Imperial Inquisitor

In a previous post, we met C2-RO – a driod who survived the assault on the Jedi Temple during the execution of Order 66.  He’s unfortunate enough to have a Jedi Holocron is his head, messing with his personality and dragging him into adventure (‘ 56 more words

Adventure Design

These aren't the droids you are looking for. Drones and the FAA.

The drones you can Google or purchase for a small fortune are no where near as menacing as some of the droids you remember seeing in Star Wars.   191 more words

General Grevious a very angry fold

General Grevious has watched Episode III and doesn’t like it.  So he buys more armor at Sears, where all “good” Cyborgs go to buy armor when they are depressed. 20 more words


My Artoo Origami

R2 is equipped with gizmos,rocket boosters and … folding instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my R2 unit.

Thanks to James Low for the folding instructions.