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Rebels: Out of Darkness

Last week the Spectres had a chance to explore the Empire in more depth and reveal more of how it operates.  In this session, Dave decides that a simple crate-collection adventure will act as the catalyst to further discussions and plot hooks about the nascent Rebellion. 1,581 more words

Adventure Design

Review: Alpha Male Tea Party's Droids

Alpha Male Tea Party sound like the sort of band who should be an absolute chore to listen to. Instrumental prog rock brings about images of extended guitar solos, freeform song structures that spend too long going nowhere and the lack of vocal melodies can be an instant turn-off for a lot of music fans. 467 more words


Omega Doom.... post-apoc, robots, and Rutger Hauer.

Back in the late 90’s, I discovered yet another Kurasawa’s Yojimbo remake entitled Omega Doom.  Rutger Hauer, robots, post-apocalypse….. what could be better?  Full of terrible special effects and mediocre acting, this movie holds a dear place in my heart.  321 more words

Not The Droid You're Looking For: This Budgie Sounds Like R2-D2

I had the R2-Droid2 from Motorola for the longest time, longer even than it could make outgoing calls or provide a working keyboard. Mostly because I am an Artoo collector and this was pretty much the most functional (until it stopped functioning) part of my massive R2-D2 collection, trumping my R2-D2 cassette player from the third grade. 207 more words


DARPA’s Atlas robot learns karate (VIDEO)

Engineers at Google-owned Boston Dynamics have released a new video of its human-like robot, Atlas, and the machine’s demonstrated ability to maintain a karate stance may someday earn it a black belt in martial arts. 420 more words


Cult Cartoon Essentials: Droids - The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO

Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO, was an animated television series that features the exploits of R2-D2 and C-3PO, the droids who have appeared in all six Star Wars films. 1,346 more words