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St. Louis Blues host droids, Wild on Star Wars Night at Scottrade Center

#StarWarsNight in full force. pic.twitter.com/2paFjE74g7

— St. Louis Blues (@StLouisBlues) March 27, 2014

By Amy Lilek

The St. Louis Blues hoped the force was with them in a battle against the Minnesota Wild in a Central division match-up on Star Wars Night.

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St. Louis Blues

Do you think they'll melt us down?

It occurred to me that if JJ Abrams isn’t going to follow the timeline and events from the Expanded Universe novels for the new Episode VII film, what happens to C-3P0 and R2-D2? 129 more words


Watching clone wars marathon.

I just found out Clone Wars is on netflix… I am binging, also drawing. I love R2D2 and CP30′s lil adventures. Also have you ever noticed that the clones and their differing personalities could be more interesting than the actual Jedi some times? 37 more words

Alpha Male Tea Party-You Eat Houmous, Of Course You Listen To Genesis

Liverpool math-rock/ultimate-riff-masters Alpha Male Tea Party return with this heavenly concoction of off-beat rhythms and crippling hooks. The bands new record, Droids, is set to be released later this year, with the double A-side featuring this track and another, ‘Athlete’s Face,’ available for download now. 66 more words

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