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The next 5 years for Drones

Helen Greiner who co-founded iRobot 14 years ago spoke yesterday at the DEMO conference. Helen is now the co-founder and CEO of CyPhy Works, a startup developing flying robots or drones (not quite Unmanned Ariel Systems) for industrial applications. 60 more words

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A Drone That Can Intercept your Cell Signal from the Air

Imagine you’re walking around, enjoying the early spring sunshine, and looking for a Wi-Fi network. You hear a whirring sound above you, look up, and there’s a drone, just chilling. 265 more words


These High-Flying Drones Almost Hit Satellite Status

Low earth orbit is becoming increasingly crowded with satellite traffic and, as Gravity showed us, increasingly treacherous. So rather than try to squeeze yet another spacecraft into the mix, a French consortium has begun development on a super-high altitude, autonomous dirigible that will skim along the edge of the stratosphere. 218 more words


Poster News

Careful readers of the Vintage Poster Blog might recall a post I wrote about Assam Attia and his NYPD satire posters over year ago. For those who missed it the first time around, a quick recap: Mr. 89 more words


Fly Kites not Drones

“Fly Kites not Drones” was the theme of our last demonstration at Beale, home of the Global Hawk Drone, a surveillance drone that helps identify targets for armed drones.   390 more words

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Five midweek reads in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Economic Impact

Stimulating the brain to learn faster, better. (Kurzweil A.I.)

Artificial Intelligence is the next big tech trend. Here’s why… (Washington Post) 26 more words

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The World's Fastest Model Rocket Car Just Hit 285 mph


A toy car could easily break the sound barrier—or go even faster—in a kid’s spirited imagination. But back in reality it takes more than that. 159 more words

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