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Drones and their applications

Drones, which are essentially remote controlled aircraft fitted with cameras, sensors, and other technology, are increasingly being deployed by environmental groups and governments to aid conservation efforts. 535 more words


Top Ten Tuesday! The Top Ten Other Uses for Drones

Hopefully I don’t drone on about drones or else someone may send a drone to my house. With the news this week that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University… 572 more words

The Phil Factor

Drones For Daily Life: 13 Fun & Optimistic Flying Robot Functions by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Alternatively of raining death and destruction, these 13 drones provide defibrillators and piping hot pizza, save drowning victims, combine the excellent cocktails, clean ocean pollution and even take your selfies for you. 29 more words

Tech Week In Review - 22 July to 28 July 2014

This weeks top tech news items from keepingupwithtechnology.com for 22nd to 28th July 2014.

Week Tech

Why florists, farmers and beer brewers want drones | Marketplace.org

Who else could use a drone? Anybody who deals with one of what Mike Toscano calls “the Four D’s: The dirty, difficult, dangerous and dull jobs that human beings are faced with. 115 more words


Earlier this month Amazon asked the FAA for permission to test its latest innovation, package delivery by drone. Like a lot of other people I’m awfully intrigued by this whole drone business. 76 more words