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Chiodos Leaves Crowd Surf American Tour Due To Medical Issues

Chiodos has announced that they will not be going on the rest of the Crowd Surf American tour, due to their guitarist having a medical emergency. 127 more words


Jobs with Benefits

Its safe to say I’ve never been the outgoing, confident type which is why Interviews really scare me. Like really. All calmness I feel on a normal occasion just goes out the window and out comes Little Miss Fidget. 958 more words


I'm in over my head

When I was in Coventry and living away from home, the very thought of adapting or ‘settling’ in a new place, besides my hometown in the North Coast of Ireland very much pained me. 311 more words


I did it.  It’s done.  Holy carp it’s done.

Today I filed my student year leave request form at my college (not without some slightly annoying resistance from administrators, as expected) .   74 more words

Aaron Sherman

Step 1. Telling the Parentals

So, as you might have noticed (you two followers you!)- day two and I missed my daily post.  But fear not! For I have good reason: I just set this entire venture in motion by contacting my parents and telling them I want to make a life-changing decision to pursue prop making as a career.   448 more words

Aaron Sherman

How To: 'Submit a CV of application via email.'

Two minutes ago I applied for a vacancy in Belfast that required me to ‘send a CV via email’. When you come across a job position that requires you to do this, I think it is a very simple process as opposed to filling out endless application forms – especially when your CV has all the related information. 195 more words


Rejected from ASDA

I also got Rejected from TESCO?! too.

Whenever I applied for Tesco, I had good faith that I would get interviewed to say the least. However the emailed words of rejection said otherwise. 480 more words