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Climate Anxiety Counseling: Day 24 / Day 1 of Washington County Fair, 8/13

Weather: POURING for the first half of the session (including setup), clearer and cool for the second half.

Time frame: 10 am-9:45 pm… 1,092 more words

Day 3: Say My Name, Drop Spindle!

Today we started off carding with Julia. We worked with flick carders and hand carders. I didn’t take photos of my carders because I’m sure there are photos of them floating around here (if anyone is curious about what they look like though, leave me a note in the comments and I’ll be happy to snap a photo of them). 657 more words


Tiny Spindle Thief

For my Father in law this past Father’s Day.

He makes the spindles and other woodworked items for my Llady’s business and has a good respect for nature, so I ended up doing this…….and noticed a bit too late that the bird would be crazy tiny.  24 more words

My head is Spinning!

It’s not what you think. My head is not spinning. I am not joining a spin class at the gym and I am certainly not watching spiders spin their webs (creepy!). 1,263 more words


Alpaca fun ...

Hi everyone hope your all good… Sorry I haven’t written for a while, I feel like I’ve abandoned you all. The truth is I just haven’t found the time to write, but I’ve got a spare few minutes so this will be a quick catch up… 280 more words

gathering our gestures - a report from the dance process

The world turns around us – the world of sight, sound, texture, smell – and when we stop to listen, it is inside us after-all. The dance is stillness – or at least quiet – as we are always resonating, a community of sensation. 503 more words

Collaborative Process