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今日はBUSINESS INSIDERの記事『Edward Snowden Wants You To Ditch Dropbox For This Service』の一部抜粋を使って英文を読む練習をしていきましょう。

He thinks Dropbox, the cloud storage firm with over 200 million users, is “hostile to privacy,” and urged people to switch to what he calls more-secure storage services like…

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일상의 기록과 글쓰기

기억은 대체로 과거를 왜곡한다. 가장 큰 것이 시간의 흐름이다. 기록으로 기억의 과대평가를 수정해야 할 필요가 있다. 그래야 다음 계획이 실패할 가능성이 작아진다.

일상에서 문뜩 떠오르는 아이디어는 내 상황을 고려하지 않는다. 109 more words


Go-to Applications for Managing My Personal Life

Here is a list of applications that I rely on for all my day-to-day personal activities:

* no-cost application downloads/installation required

This comes out to about $75/year.   27 more words

Home Life

When tech lets you down - Dropbox

I am a huge fan of Apple and until today a huge fan of Dropbox too but that changed when the most unbelievable thing happened. 638 more words

Paul Deach

AWS in fight of its life as customers like Dropbox ponder hybrid clouds and Google pricing

For many years Amazon(s amzn) Web Services was the only public cloud in town. That is no longer true as Microsoft(s msft) and Google(s goog) are now aggressively selling their infrastructure to startups and enterprises alike. 1,086 more words


AWS’ ongoing service launches will drive increased enterprise wins

By Jillian Mirandi, Senior Analyst

Below is TBR’s commentary on AWS’ 2Q14 results. Please feel free to use this content with TBR and analyst attributions. Contact Jillian Mirandi at 603.929.1166 or jillian.mirandi@tbri.com for additional commentary. 443 more words


Sorry, Dan Primack: Going public doesn't help the country. Building great companies does

Listen up founders. If your company is still private, Fortune’s Dan Primack has got a bone to pick with you. In Dan’s world – you know, the world where he’s good friends with bankers and hedge funds from Wall St. 1,147 more words