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Macro Photography : Shockwave by MarkusReugels

after cracking some hard stuff
i go back to work with colors in combination the ballistic power of an flying pellet with 170m/s.

Strobist Info: 36 more words

Gas dissolution in antibubble dynamics

The lifetime of the antibubble is driven by the slow drainage of the air from the bottom to the top of the antibubble. We discover that there exists another channel that conducts to the thinning and the dead of the antibubble: the dissolution of the air contained in the shell into the bulk liquid. 41 more words


Plantwatch Tiny Water Droplet

Here goes one of my favorite shots. Every time I see this beauty, I see something unique.


Autumn, not quite yet

I recently moved to Blacksburg, a picturesque university town in the New River Valley area of Virginia. Summer is drawing to a close and the fall colors are slowly revealing themselves. 81 more words


Remnants of the previous rain shower.

Dan’s Daily Photo

via Flickr http://flic.kr/p/oNcPgF Droplet by Fishman Dan