Edited Highlights: 'Insertion then Deletion'

I went back in, to carry on the conversation, desperately wanting to insert a comma. I ended up also deleting a word

Droplets of Verse: 'Sliced Girkin'

The leader of the pro-Russian terrorist rebels
Called himself Igor Strelkov, or sometimes Girkin
He and his troops made a tactical retreat
They got in a pickle, sliced themselves far too thin… 34 more words


Droplets of Verse: 'Grooming Goons for Villainy'

Sparring partners
Pursuing the pretence of a peace deal
Always knowing that shit’s not real

Warring neighbours
Borders and boundaries crossed continually
Putin the gangster grooms goons for villainy… 18 more words


Droplets of Verse: 'Favourite Colour'

 . . . I can never be sure what my favourite colour is, green might be a shade of envy, blue somehow untrue . . .

Droplets of Verse: 'Ten Ton Truck'

 . . . Sometimes, it may seem as if I’m inarticulate, like a broken down ten ton truck on the hard shoulder . . .

Droplets of Verse: 'Build Your Own Drone'

When a superpower sits on the doorstep
Protection can’t be purchased at the Polski Sklep
Previous rogue tenants stripped store cupboards bare
Toolsheds stand completely empty, they sold off the hardware… 68 more words


Droplets of Verse: 'Cannon Fodder'

When the cannons cut loose
Soldier boys line up, corpses in queues
A production line of butchered meat
Puncturing the mud, slaughtered in the wheat… 33 more words