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What's coming up in August?

The plan for August is to pick the pace up and continue forwards.

There are some great releases just around the corner. Mantic are releasing Wave 2 of Deadzone. 78 more words

Coming Soon

Jens' after tournament report part 1

Jens is back with more material! This time he is going to continue with the Wexio Spelkonvent theme. After searching his soul he finally decided to post his inner thoughts regarding his Shaltari army’s performance. 962 more words

Swedish Tournaments

So, at the Weekend, Some Gaming Happened

That’s right, through the aligning of various celestial bodies and arcane rituals of a sort we’re unable to share on a publicly available medium, Gribblin and I turned up for some tabletop bases gaming goodness. 724 more words


Evaluation Wexiö spelkonvent

So now I have had the chance to soak up the information from our Swedish tournament and write down my conlcusions. I thought to write down the idea, the set-up we used and the result. 768 more words

Swedish Tournaments

Sci-Fi - Pocket Sized (which is good, as your pockets will be empty)

After Salute this year I was gifted a set of rules and a starter faction by a friend. A starter faction in 10mm… I have somewhere stored safely away upstairs, unplayed for many years, 3 full armies (with extras) for Epic 40k.  426 more words


The Resistance soon here! Part 1

Now the Resistance is soon here! On Wayland games it is expected departure date 2014-08-30!

So my friends. I took the liberty and steal the names from Wayland’s site and try to connect it to the pictures we have gotten as sneak peaks so far… I don’t have any special insights (I’m not even a Talon) so guessing game can begin – don’t assume I’m right on anything.

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