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Research using model organisms like Drosophila needs a boost

A national stock and research centre, a portal for exchange of research information, training of undergraduates and graduates and access to reagents are key requirements suggested at this year’s fly meet… 941 more words

Scientist Humor: Funny Gene Names

After the research-heavy posts of the last few weeks, I thought it would be fun to do a less Scicrazy definition 1 and more definition 6 type of post. 816 more words

Drosophila Melanogasters - The Damson Busters

This is Droso One
to Droso Two -
I’m going in!

This is Droso Two
to Droso One -
Good luck!

A subtle dip of his wing… 131 more words


Fecundity Decrease in Drosophila simulans in the absence of Wolbachia

By: Jack Taylor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ’15

Sponsor: Michael Turelli, Ph.D.

Ecology and Evolution

Many species of arthropods host Wolbachia, maternally transmitted bacteria that often influence host reproduction. 166 more words

Undergraduate Research

Genetically programmed, but with options

This is a guest post by Adam Calhoun (@neuroecology), a very talented science writer and fellow member of UCSD Neurosciences. 

Australia has been having a problem with discarded beer bottles. 724 more words


Can you ... Count flies with your iPhone ?

… The answer is YES !

I got this question from a reader of this blog a few month ago on a previous post. I thought I would share the answer I had given him over here as well. 184 more words


Insomniac flies and the brain’s sleep switch

Scientists supported by the Wellcome Trust have identified the mechanism that tells the brain to sleep, a ‘pressure switch’ that controls the activity of sleep-promoting nerve cells in the brain. 969 more words

Neuroscience And Understanding The Brain