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Newly-Discovered Process Helps Fruit Flies Cope When Temperatures Get Cold

Now researchers from the University of Rochester and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have found how animals’ cells manage to keep their biological processes coordinated. 28 more words


Are the Bacteria in Our Intestines Involved in Mechanisms Underlying Health and Lifespan?

Our story begins with Michael Rose, who used an experimental evolution approach to breed flies that live more than 2-fold longer than controls (Rose 1999). In contrast with the one gene at a time knockout or overexpression strategy that is ubiquitous in modern biology, Rose separated initially genetically homogeneous flies into two groups-one with delayed and the other with normal reproduction. 1,638 more words



Phenotypic traits are determined by three components; genetics, environment, and the interaction between genes and the environment (when genes produce different phenotypes dependent upon the environment). 970 more words


A lot of time has passed since I last posted anything, I’ve been virtually glued to my lab bench for the last 6 months but finally I’ve managed to break free. 315 more words

Spineless National Zoo has closed its Invertebrate Exhibit

The Invertebrate Exhibit at the National Zoo is no more (so sad, this was one of my favorite exhibits at the zoo). This Sunday the exhibit closed its doors according to an… 191 more words


Genetic control mechanism developed to deal with major livestock pest

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a technique to control populations of the Australian sheep blowfly – a major livestock pest in Australia and New Zealand – by making female flies dependent on a common antibiotic to survive. 370 more words