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Rain! The crops are saved!

The California drought nearly ended yesterday (at least in our front yard) with a dramatic downpour….

…until the rain stopped after about 90 seconds.  That is all.


One Almond equals 1.1 Gallons of Water

Almonds are yummy. Almonds have vitamins and stuff. Almonds are (horribly abused to be) made into almond milk.


Almonds are actually kind of shitty for anything resembling sustainable agriculture. 288 more words


Don Manuel

Written 7/19/14, but edited 7/20. You can never be sure you’re getting a raw look at anything. 

First of all, a pox on you Brian and whatever voodoo witch doctor you found to curse me… first thing that happened when I stepped into my room is a few bats take off and fly around the room. 1,123 more words

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California Residents Can’t Be Fined For Allowing Lawns To Turn Brown During Drought

SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – A new law has been signed by California Governor Jerry Brown that protects homeowners who are doing their part to conserve water during… 259 more words


The continuing saga of California's drought

Although Governor Brown demanded a 20 percent decrease in water usage, most of California has done very little to conserve water.

Fresno somehow managed to decrease its usage by 25 percent, but that’s still not enough to stem the diminishing of the aquifer that we rely on so heavily for our pumped water supply. 143 more words

The World And My Place In It

Extreme to Exceptional Drought Now Covers Over 80 Percent of California

It’s no longer a question of 100% drought coverage for the stricken state of California. That barrier was crossed months ago. Today, it’s how severe that drought coverage has become. 10 more words

Climate Change

Drought is Different

From the National Geographic: Storms Get Headlines, but Drought Is a Sneaky, Devastating Game-Changer. As California and the American West dry up, a way of life is threatened. 51 more words