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Picked up some Childhood Heroes today! Legion of Doom!

What A Rush!!!

That’s right I found the Series 30 WWE Elite Road Warrior Hawk (RIP) and Road Warrior Animal that I have been looking for! 112 more words

So Nerdy It Hurts

The Plan to Beat Bloat

Step 1: Watch the Hidden Sodium

Sodium lurks everywhere. And there are a few key ways it comes into our diet beyond the usual suspects, like in processed foods and fast food (even when we think we are being careful): 397 more words

Going to Dr. Oz show and weekend recap

One thing I did last week was going to Dr. Oz. show. I know about his show because I read quite a lot about health. The abc office where the show is recorded is located at walking distance from my place, so I thought why not. 462 more words


Better Digestion. Less Carbs.

Hey everyone! Going to do another post on personal experience, and hopefully I can reach out to many!

So recently I have tried cutting down on carbohydrates, mainly starches and sugars (even fruit), and upped my vegetable intake along with some legumes. 289 more words