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Student Died After Taking Steriods

This is a true story of what drug abuse can do.

A POPULAR student with a “hidden” heart condition collapsed and died after taking anabolic steroids in a bid to “bulk-up”, an inquest heard. 297 more words


Serpents Rising, by David A. Poulsen ****

What fun to get in on the first mystery novel of a planned series! Poulsen is an experienced writer, and he knows how to set the hook to reel readers in. 431 more words

Crime Fiction

Cocaine And Substance Abuse - Just How Bad Blow Can Get

Recently, I caught a documentary about the last 24 hours leading up to the demise of a famous celebrity. It gave first-hand accounts of his substance abuse regarding cocaine as well as other drugs. 264 more words


Even Cold Medicines Are Being Abused As Drugs

Nowadays, over-the-counter cold medicines are even being abused as drugs. One of the worst things about this is that the know-how is hitting children, who are taking risks getting high with products like these. 278 more words

Drug Addiction

Only Ever Yours - Louise O'Neill

To put it mildly, Only Ever Yours is a very good book. I was interested from  the get go, and had force myself to put it down late at night so I could get some sleep. 891 more words

Successful Pain Management.....


After hearing from my friend Long Hair, and her desire to try some kind of  pain management with her bad back while going through her journey towards a recovery and sober lifestyle, I did some research on line and came across this article. 4,729 more words


Silicon Valley's Drug Addiction

Silicon Valley’s fast paced startup scene and lucrative tech positions create an unfortunately well suited climate for drug addiction. Those in the tech industry typically navigate high pressure deadlines while being compensated very well for their added stress. 414 more words

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