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Drug Addiction Cartoon & Quiz

There is this little addiction video that everyone keeps talking about. I finally saw it, and I felt “let down”. I am going to share it with you but only if you set your expectations very low. 813 more words


Are you an enabler?

Do you know someone with a drug or alcohol addiction. Someone whom you are close with like a family member or a close friend. Do you give them what they ask for just so they will leave you alone, or do somethings for them because you think it’s better that you are doing it and not someone else. 222 more words

Hard to handle.

I will have to say that the road to recover has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done. People who have been lucky enough not to fall to an addiction could never understand what its like to be addicted to something. 291 more words


I like to think that alternate universes exist; that if we knew how to cross dimensions I could see her, all blonde hair and tan legs and a crooked smile. 740 more words

Understanding "Bad Guys" and Deal With Them

When I was a child, I have a thought that I could change everything I want to change, be whoever I want to be, and do anything I could possibly do. 362 more words

Daily Prompt: Psychology

Love… Love… Love

Integrity is something that was lacking in my life. A large part of my transformation are the off scale victories. As I continue cleansing my body, feeling awesome and having hope is the motivation im using to repair my relationships. 38 more words

On disgust and desire

I’m disgusted with myself. But I knew in my heart that my rock bottom was just a little further down the road to hell.

But I’m excited too. 90 more words